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Don’t Let a Generation Gap Derail your Succession Plan

Experience and expertise are two leadership qualities that business owners and CEOs earn after decades of managing through their industry. Baby Boomers who have grown their company and see retirement in the near future may be wary that the next generation – often those of Gen X or the Millennial set – approaches leadership from a different angle.  Handing off their life’s work to a successor can be an emotionally... continue reading

Jack Finning to Moderate Panel for FEI-Boston

Attracting and Retaining Talent in a Robust Job Market The Boston chapter of Financial Executives International (FEI) is presenting an educational workshop on September 30th for the benefit of Finance and Personnel/HR Executives moderated by AAFCPAs Partner Jack Finning.  Jack will lead this interactive session on Attracting and Retaining Talent in a Robust Job Market, with a focus on those that report to the CFO. About this event: Massachusetts’ total... continue reading

6 Tips for Greater Manufacturing Workplace Efficiency

The old adage “time is money” is especially true in the world of manufacturing.  The more time and materials you waste, the less profitable you become. AAFCPAs outlined the following six tips to improve workplace efficiency based on our proven experience working closely with manufacturers over the past 40+ years: Do Not Skimp on Training Many manufacturing inefficiencies come down to the same root problem: lack of training.  Well-structured onboarding... continue reading

AAFCPAs Partner, Jack Finning to Serve on Board of Advisors at Nichols College

AAFCPAs is excited to announce that Jack Finning, CPA, CGMA has been appointed and agrees to serve on the Board of Advisors at Nichols College, a college of choice for business and leadership education.  Jack will donate his time, talent and expertise to better the strategic goals of the College, and to help foster growth, aspirations, and a rising reputation. Nichols College and AAFCPAs have been partnering together in the... continue reading

Federal Financing Options for Manufacturing Companies

Where do you go when private funding sources and traditional commercial lenders  have turned you down? When seeking financing for your manufacturing business, a wide range of options are initially considered, including:  self-funding, funding from family and friends, angel funding and bank financing.  The question becomes more difficult when private funding sources and traditional commercial lenders have turned you down.  For many manufacturing companies in this situation, the solution has been... continue reading

Retain Key Executives in the Nonprofit Sector with 457 Deferred Compensation Plans

Executive compensation continues to receive increased scrutiny from the IRS, Attorney Generals (AGOs), and in the court of public opinion.  This scrutiny is intended to ensure that executive compensation does not take away from the charitable mission of the nonprofit; however, the IRS and AGOs also recognize that large public charities are complex organizations that demand a high level of executive ability at least commensurate with that complexity. Nonprofit boards... continue reading

Grants Available to MA Based Manufacturing Companies for Private Consulting

The Smaller Business Association of New England’s (SBANE) Manufacturing Matching Grant Program may be a potentially valuable opportunity for your business or someone you know.  SBANE is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 funding year, due August 17, 2015. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has once again appropriated $250,000 for SBANE’s Manufacturing Matching Grant Program, assigned for the expressed purpose of providing high-powered private consulting expertise to small and medium-sized, Massachusetts-based... continue reading