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Financial Statement Audits

For over forty years, AAFCPAs has been providing comprehensive assurance services at an exceptional value.

Financial Statement Audits

Financial Statement Audits

AAFCPAs provides best-value assurance and attest solutions for sophisticated nonprofit organizations and privately-owned companies.

AAF’s unique approach to the audit process delivers much more than the required compliance. Our team serves as a trusted advisor and provides sound financial management advice and best practices recommendations. We help companies interpret the financial and operational information uncovered during the audit process.  This leads to our ability to provide value-added advice, which enables our clients to make better business decisions.

For over forty years, AAF has been providing comprehensive assurance services at an exceptional value.

  • Preeminent Expertise – The expertise of our people comes through the culmination of a lifetime of formal education, continuous learning, and diverse, hands-on work experience solving our clients’ issues pragmatically. Our partners are regarded as the authority in the industries we serve.
  • Responsiveness & Physical Presence – Unique to AAF, our expertise is delivered hands-on by our partners. Our partners are approachable, easily accessible and proactive with advice to solve your issues. You will experience impeccable service.
  • Chemistry and Communication – We take the time to field a team the best fits your company, personality, and expectations. We get to know you and your business’s goals. We examine your operations and processes from the inside out in order to make sound business recommendations.
  • Data Analysis Software – AAF utilizes advanced data extraction software to uncover odd or unusual transactions, irregularities, and potential risk areas.
  • Proactive Communication – AAF has a commitment to “No Surprises,” and clear communication with regular dialogue are a hallmark of the AAF client experience.
  • Speed in Decision Making – Deadlines are proactively met. Conclusions on technical audit and tax issues are addressed quickly at a local level. You will never experience delay or have to wait for a decision to be made by national headquarters.
  • Education & Training – Business executives need to keep abreast of standards changes, tax law changes and best practices in order to make informed decisions. AAF proactively keeps clients informed and educated through our insightful seminars, news blasts, blog posts,  and email alerts throughout the year as appropriate.
  • Meaningful Presentations – We deliver meaningful presentations and reports to owners, management, and those charged with governance. These include advice on enhancements to internal systems and controls, industry best practices, as well as historical trend analyses:
    • the past 3-5 years (if applicable) of business activity
    • key financial indicators
    • a comparative analysis and benchmarking

AAF provides assurance services to over 450 nonprofit and commercial audit clients annually, and the depth and diversity of our experience adds to the efficiency and effectiveness of our meaningful engagements.

Our audit will include all tests and other audit procedures required by generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS) in the United States of America.  Our nonprofit audits will also conform to Government Auditing Standards, Uniform Guidance / Single Audit, and other applicable regulations.

Exceptional Value

Today, the most sophisticated nonprofits and privately-held companies appreciate our best-value audit solutions more than ever. Our national and global reach allows us to serve you wherever you grow. We offer flexibility of scheduling, active Partner participation, and an overall positive, and non-intrusive audit experience. Our clients consider us an exceptional value because we consistently deliver that ideal combination of expertise, service, and price.