10% Back to Nonprofits

The 10% Back to Nonprofits Program is our commitment to impact community service.  It defines the spirit of our people, the work that unites us, and the essence of the AAFCPAs culture.

10% Back to Non Profits

AAFCPAs celebrates the many nonprofits that enrich our lives by committing to donate 10% of our net income annually back to nonprofits.

The nonprofit clients we serve have a tremendously positive impact on the employees and culture of AAFCPAs. Regardless of the mission, we are inspired daily by all of the great work that occurs by nonprofits in service to our community.

We invest real time and money into our communities. How do we donate 10%?

  • AAFCPAs’ company-sponsored Charitable Foundation is funded by annual contributions. The Foundation’s giving is designed to encourage employee involvement in charitable activities through employee matching gifts and other programs that support employee volunteerism.
  • We have a direct-giving program which includes cash and sponsorship contributions to support great nonprofits that add to the quality of life in our community.
  • We make donations of service and discounted fees to many nonprofits in need. The AAFCPAs motto, “Great Minds | Great Hearts,” reflects our commitment to generosity, good corporate citizenship, and to work in a way that ensures our lives are making a difference in the world.
  • We happily share our expertise pro bono through speaking at industry groups and nonprofit events that ultimately enrich our community.
  • Employees are encouraged to contribute on an individual level, too. We provide all employees with one paid day of service per year. Partners contribute their financial expertise on Boards of all sizes as a way of living our core value of community service.

Business is the conduit for social change.

We also believe that business is fun. Our social mission – to use the power of business as a force for good – is fundamental to our brand and at the core of everything we do.

Many of the executives who work for our nonprofit clients are under paid and over worked. We see and experience first-hand the passion they have for their cause. Our witness to this serves as a daily inspiration for every single employee of AAFCPAs.

We work every day with clients who are tackling issues like hunger, housing, healthcare, and education. Our clients are accomplishing great things—making a positive difference for people in our community. AAFCPAs employees cannot help but become infused with a shared passion and fully engaged in the same causes. This results in exceptional service, genuine concern, and generous support.

AAFCPAs’ mission statement is to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for our constituents: clients, employees, vendors, and communities. We take this very seriously and it is at the heart of everything we accomplish. As a good corporate citizen we strive to lead by example. Perhaps our example will inspire other companies to do the same. Nonprofits make our world a better place and we believe that for-profits should commit to support them in their missions, which positively impact the quality of life in the communities where we live, work, and serve.


How long has AAFCPAs served the nonprofit community?

We have been helping not-for-profits succeed and grow since our founding in 1973. Community Service is an AAFCPAs Core Value.

How much do we donate?

AAFCPAs is a privately-owned company and as such, we do not share financial information such as profitability. Regardless, we commit that at least 10% of every dollar of profit we earn annually will be donated to nonprofits that serve our communities.

How do we select beneficiaries?

Our nonprofit clients are our primary beneficiaries. We become very familiar with their missions and their needs are great.

When did the 10% Back to Nonprofits Program begin?

As an official commitment, 10% Back to Nonprofits started in 2014, but the culture of giving has been a part of the firm for 45+ years. The concept started with Herb Alexander, the founder of AAFCPAs. Since our inception in 1973, Herb and AAFCPAs have been committed to “community service,” which is one of the firm’s core values.  Giving back, service, and generosity will always be part of the AAFCPAs spirit.

What do our For-Profit clients think of this Program?

Our fellow for-profit clients fully respect our commitment to live out our mission and efforts to benefit the community. Many also generously support non-profit organizations as well and thus we feel camaraderie with them. Occasionally, we serve as a bridge between our for-profit and nonprofit clients, which benefits everyone. Our generosity to non-profits defines the authenticity of the AAFCPAs brand which is received positively by all who do business with us.

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