Private Client
Financial Concierge Services

High-touch consultation, coordination and development of a comprehensive financial plan to ensure personal, business, and philanthropic objectives are achieved

Trusted Advisor for Your Full Financial Picture

Who is overseeing your diverse financial interests?

AAFCPAs’ Financial Concierge serves as the financial quarterback and trusted advisor for AAFCPAs’ high-net-worth individuals and families, family offices and private foundations. We provide high-touch consultation, coordination and development of a comprehensive financial plan to ensure personal, business, and philanthropic objectives are achieved.  We understand the positive impact a ‘Personal & Family Office CFO’ can have to help protect, preserve, and enhance multi-generational wealth.

We oversee and work closely with your existing advisors and loop in, as needed, AAFCPAs’ multi-disciplinary and integrated team of CPA Tax Advisors, Wealth & Insurance Advisors, and Trust, Estate, and Tax Strategists. We utilize the resources of our 325+ member CPA & consulting firm, global network, and 45+ years of proven tax expertise.

AAFCPAs’ Private Client philosophy is to provide a concierge approach and skillful coordination of services to help you achieve the most responsible planning, execution and management of all aspects of your finances. We provide you with peace of mind that comes from knowing we have a full picture of your complex life.

In order to provide the most informed and objective financial advice and solutions, we understand what is important to you and your family, and we build and maintain relationships that transcend generations.  Our rich discussions help build your family legacy—looking forward—by ensuring its strength and longevity.

We take the time to understand all relevant intricacies of your life and how these relate to your individual and family financial goals. We look forward to every dialogue and consultative interaction, and communicate objectively, candidly, and proactively so we both remain comfortable that all the pieces of your personal financial puzzle are well-coordinated.

AAFCPAs develops and implements customizable plans focused on reaching financial objectives.  We have a coordinated approach to organize all aspects of your financial life and provide a single financial point person to quarterback communication with your team of advisors. We align our experienced specialists to assist you in making informed financial decisions about investing, tax, estate planning, and insurance. The depth of this expertise includes: the resources of our 240+ member CPA & consulting firm; our global network; and an extensive network of specialists built over the course of 45+ years of business.

Tax Advisory & Compliance
AAFCPAs approaches tax planning as an ongoing discipline, and not an isolated event.  It requires knowledgeable insight into the big picture of an individual’s financial life. We prepare customizable strategic plans focused on minimizing income, gift, and estate taxes while maximizing cash flow and protecting assets. Our experienced professionals will work to complement a client’s team of advisors or engage directly with members of AAFCPAs’ integrated services to create and implement sophisticated plans while managing the preparation of the tax returns.

AAFCPAs’ clients are entrepreneurs, business owners, private equity/hedge fund principals, executives, and inheritors of wealth.  They value the timely, aggregated reporting we provide and thoughtful interpretations and advice which leads to informed financial decisions. Our comprehensive reporting includes: personal financial statements, net worth summaries, cash flow planning and budgeting forecasts.

Why Private Clients appreciate our Financial Concierge Services:

  • We provide valuable peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a sole point of contact responsible for monitoring and coordinating all aspects of your financial life.
  • We maintain strong, life-long relationships with our clients, their families & advisors. These relationships are built on trust and respect.
  • Thoughtful planning goes into each strategy to address a client’s unique objectives relating to their estate plan, wealth preservation, succession planning, and risk management.
  • AAFCPAs’ multi-disciplinary and integrated team includes our own CPA Tax Advisors, Wealth & Insurance Advisors, and Trust, Estate, and Tax Strategists.
  • You may access our in-house, integrated solutions as needed, tailored and scalable to bring you the right expertise at the right time.
  • We leverage state-of-the-art technology systems, tools, and processes to optimize planning and ensure efficient financial reporting and compliance.

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