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Campus Recruits

Through hands-on work experience, entry-level accountants confirm their passion for their profession before they specialize and develop deep knowledge in one area.

College Recruits

College Recruits

When you join AAFCPAs, the sky is the limit.

You have worked hard to get to where you are today. Choosing to work at an accounting firm that supports your achievements and expands your horizons is invaluable to you and your career.

At AAF, you will have an unprecedented amount of variety of work experiences immediately. We will invest in exposure as part of your professional training and growth:

  • Rotations in both audit and tax so you may determine which one you enjoy more and want to eventually specialize;
  • Exposure to both nonprofit and for-profit entities;
  • Exposure to all the diverse industries we serve, from manufacturing to high tech,  CDCs to Charter Schools; view our industries dropdown menu for a list of many of the industries we serve; and
  • Exposure to different-sized companies, from startups to $200 million operations.

Through hands-on work experience, entry-level accountants discover or reconfirm their passion for the accounting profession before they specialize and develop deep intrinsic knowledge in one area.

When you join AAFCPAs, you choose a team that represents the best in quality. We work with you to give you the foundation for a happy and successful career at AAF. You will grow, have fun, and be fortunate to experience a very unique CPA and consulting firm!

I’ve been here almost 2 years. In that short time I’ve worked in tax and audit, on for-profits and not-for-profits, big companies, small companies, different industries… I’ve experienced so much. That’s the culture of AAF. They give you opportunities, but at the same time, challenges which help you professionally, and also personally.”
Sheng Wu, Manager (Sheng was a Senior Accountant when she offered this testimonial, and a great example of a team member who set her own pace for promotion.)

AAF Intern Blog:
Hear first hand from interns about their experience working at AAFCPAs.

Alex Frieband, Intern for summers 2014 and 2015
Ali Williams, Intern for summer 2015
James Masison, Intern for summer 2015