What’s Unique & Awesome About Working at AAFCPAs?

Are you looking to work with great people in a people first culture?

Are you seeking Life Satisfaction as opposed to Job Satisfaction alone? Do you seek to be an Advisor, versus a Practitioner? Do you get excited about Innovation?

If so, AAFCPAs might be the right career path for you. We have outlined some of the key characteristics our exceptional team finds unique and awesome about working at AAFCPAs:


AAFCPAs’ Partner Group identified three strategic pillars as the foundation to achieve our long-term vision: People, Culture, and Growth Mindset.​

Without the first two, we cannot achieve the third.

We remain focused on developing our people faster and providing opportunities for growth. We want our people to feel a genuine sense of being cared about, and to feel they are constantly learning, advancing, and contributing positively to the firm. We ensure our leadership portrays consistency in our commitment to our culture statement. We are a place where AAFCPAs’ team members can create their own career development path through intentional experiences. We are focused on increasing efficiency with automation and innovation—and training our professionals to be advisors rather than just practitioners.​

We have a culture of gratitude and value the unique strengths & contributions from each team member.


AAFCPAs has alternative schedule professionals at all levels. We have a Work from Anywhere model, with team members living all over the country, from sea to shining sea. You may choose what’s best for you: full-time, part-time, flexible working hours, in-person, full remote, or a hybrid arrangement. We have three convenient office locations (Boston, Waltham, and Westborough, MA). We expect teams to have candid conversations and to be flexible about how and what they need to do their best work.

Career Development Support from Hire to Retire

Become the driver of your career with help from members of AAFCPAs’ Career Development & Engagement team. We help you understand what you need to do your best work. We understand there is a range of communication and work styles, and all our training is focused on helping people be engaged and productive at AAFCPAs.

We offer a one-year incubator program providing new professionals with tools to enhance their own career management skills related to Independence, Organization & Time Management, Teamwork, and Communication.

Experienced professionals maximize their career satisfaction and potential through Full Potential Coaching (FPC) and Career Self-Reliance Training. Our in-house credentialed counseling and career development professional provides individualized, confidential, customized, 1-1 career support. We help you identify & create intentional experiences that align with what you enjoy. Our team members gain clarity on their current situation, uncover career patterns and create possibility, and learn how to use design thinking to Level-Up. They have an increased sense of control, a clear sense of career direction and needs, and ongoing support for executing their career development & professional brand plans.

Choose your Own Path

At AAFCPAs, we find ways to rejuvenate employees by helping them identify their “calling,” or the area of work that provides them with the greatest fulfillment. You have plenty of room to satisfy your curiosities.

If a path to Partner is what you seek, AAFCPAs’ provides clarity on what you need to do and when to achieve your goals! There is no set timeframe. Go-Getters set their own pace for promotion!


We are laser focused on innovation and automation and are excited about the on-going evolution of the CPA profession.

Pre-pandemic, we began introducing data analytics and robotic process automation solutions to clients. This team also focuses internally on systematically automating certain tasks, which increased the time our high-performing team has for value-added work for the firm and our clients. We are super excited about how automation is changing our industry, and it can’t come fast enough! This is such an exciting time to be in our profession, and we hope our young professionals realize the amazing opportunities there are to be a part of this shift, which is creating even more diversity of work and leadership opportunities.

Leadership Opportunities

At AAFCPAs, our people are excited to learn, to try new things, and to succeed in new ways.

We offer unlimited opportunities for employees to rise to the occasion and emerge as leaders. This includes opportunities to lead a practice area, introduce innovation, train & develop staff, and lead complex projects.

If you want opportunities to Level-up, we have a spot for you.

AAFCPAs’ Social Purpose

We believe business is a conduit for social change! We want to improve the world. We aspire to do so with our actions, which speak louder than words. We hold each other accountable to promote kindness. We lead by example! AAFCPAs’ motto, “Great Minds | Great Hearts” reflects an ongoing commitment to generosity, good corporate citizenship, and working in a way that ensures our lives are making a difference in the world. Download our Impact Report here>> and feel free to let us know what you think.

AAFCPAs strives to be the best, not the biggest, CPA and consulting firm. We accomplish this by hiring the best people at all levels of the organization. We believe mediocrity of talent is a detriment to excellence in business. We seek new team members who, by nature, put in extra effort in everything they pursue in life.

Can you see yourself here? Review our current career opportunities, and contact Amy Quinn for an exploratory discussion.