Death Master File Attestation

AAFCPAs assists clients in achieving the NTIS’s Limited Access Death Master File certification by performing assurance engagements to certify you satisfy all requirements

Achieve Limited Access Death Master File Certification

AAFCPAs is an Accredited Conformity Assessment Body (ACAB) with extensive experience assisting those seeking certification and access to the National Technical Information Service’s (NTIS) Limited Access Death Master File (LADMF). Government agencies, financial institutions, investigative firms, credit reporting organizations, medical researchers, and other industries use the LADMF to verify death, as well as to prevent fraud. The LADMF list includes all individuals with social security numbers whose deaths were reported to the US Social Security Administration from 1936 to present.

AAFCPAs assists clients in achieving the NTIS’s certification by performing assurance engagement to certify you satisfy all requirements outlined by NTIS, including that you have the appropriate systems, facilities, and procedures in place to safeguard LADMF information. AAFCPAs performs the attestation every three years for clients, as required by NTIS for continued access.

Subscribers to the LADMF experience many advantages, including:

  • Decreased fraudulent transactions
  • More accurate customer records
  • Ability to identify overpayments more easily for repetitive payment obligations
  • Compliance with abandoned property laws
  • More easily meeting obligations prescribed by regulators
  • Achieving a stronger reputation

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SOC 2 Meets Death Master File Certification Requirements

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