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Success Stories

Our Accountant is Retiring. Help!

POSTED ON Apr 20, 2022
How AAFCPAs leveled up a client’s processes and systems, while solving a staffing dilemma. AAFCPAs’ Managed Accounting Solutions leader Joyce Ripianzi,…

Systematic Success: Selecting the Right Accounting System to Support the Mission

POSTED ON Apr 18, 2022
How AAFCPAs helped the National Brain Tumor Society select the right accounting system to support the mission When AAFCPAs learned that one of its nonprofit…

AAFCPAs & MENTOR’s Partnership in Charting a Sustainable Future

POSTED ON Oct 15, 2018
How Did One Nonprofit Explore Creative Approaches to a Sustainable Model? For nonprofits, charting the future is complex. The search for creative, strategic…

Obtaining Efficiencies in Business Processes, and Stronger Internal Controls

POSTED ON Nov 3, 2017
Business processes, by definition, cut across organizational and functional boundaries. Effective and ongoing business process analysis and improvement…

Public Company Tax Provisions & Reporting

POSTED ON Dec 30, 2014
Experience and Efficiency Yield Quick, Clean Tax Provisions and Opinions, More Tax Credits and Deductions, and Lower Service Costs Background: Our client,…

Compensation Plans

POSTED ON Dec 30, 2014
A Client Reaches Its Goal, Retaining Key Employees with an Innovative Plan Background: AAF’s client was a fast-growing high tech / software company that…

Research & Development Tax Credits

POSTED ON Dec 23, 2014
An Accounting “Reconstruction” Yields 1,000 Percent ROI Background: AAFCPAs performed audit and tax work for an entrepreneurial company with $10 million…