AAFCPAs has unparalleled experience serving foundations, nonprofits, and our expertise helps foundations magnify the impact they have by streamlining their operations and optimizing finances.

Audit, Tax and Advisory for Foundations & Grant-Making Organizations

Nonprofits are most successful at achieving meaningful change in our communities when they have the financial resources to be effective. Private foundations and grant-making public charities deliver these resources, and impact positive change in economic, social, cultural, and environmental conditions.

AAFCPAs’ experience with all the nuances of the foundation and grant making industry gives us first-hand knowledge to keep you informed of the latest trends and opportunities. This comprehensive expertise helps foundations magnify the impact they can have by streamlining their own operations and optimizing their finances.

Primary Reasons Foundation Clients Appreciate AAFCPAs

Regulations – We have deep knowledge of the policies, procedures, and regulations of the IRS related to operating and non-operating foundations. We counsel foundation clients on matters such as self-dealing rules, distribution requirements, program-related investments, jeopardizing investments, taxable expenditures, expenditure authority rules, and more.

Alternative Investments – We advise clients who have highly diversified invested assets to establish best practice internal controls over investments, including procedures for due diligence and valuation of alternative investments. We have clients that work with investment advisers that support the due diligence process. We understand the complexities of alternative investments and methods used for valuation of these funds. We also keep abreast of applicable foreign reporting requirements and unrelated business income considerations. In addition, we audit reconciliation procedures for investment and custodian statements, structuring investment spending policies, and valuation due diligence.

Endowments – We help with complex endowments and other restricted net assets by assisting in developing and evaluating investment and spending policies, designing reporting structures, and evaluating and improving internal controls over investment activities in line with the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA).

Grants – We work with clients that make grants to a wide variety of local, national, and international organizations. We understand the rules and due diligence related to qualified domestic grants and non-US-based organizations.

Interpreting Financial Statements/Training – We teach grant makers and program staff how to read and assess a nonprofit’s financial condition through reviewing their audited financial statements and their IRS and state filings. Understanding an organization’s financial statements is critical when deciding grant awards.

Tax Status – We have substantial experience with organizations that have transitioned from private foundation status to public charity or supporting organization status, and foundations that have moved between operating and non-operating status. We provide guidance with due consideration of future expected operations and sensitive relationships with key donors.

Audit, Tax, and Advisory Solutions

AAFCPAs provides proactive audit, tax, and advisory services to foundations and grant making organizations, including:

Foundations and grant-making organizations provide resources for enhancing the vitality of the nonprofit community. AAFCPAs celebrates the many nonprofits that enrich our lives by donating 10% of our net income annually back to nonprofits.

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