Message from The Managing Partner

Our superior expertise comes from passionate CPAs who in addition to having great minds also have great hearts.

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Message from the Managing Partner

Carla McCall, Managing Partner, AAFCPAsYour consideration of AAFCPAs for solutions to your current needs is most appreciated. I am very proud to lead this great CPA and consulting firm. What makes us great is the overall quality of the people with whom you will engage. Our superior expertise comes from passionate CPAs who in addition to having great minds also have great hearts.

Our clients tell us that our expertise is equal to national CPA firms, yet is delivered with sincerity and hands-on partner involvement. Our prices are fair and reasonable. It is that ideal combination of expertise, service and price that makes AAF a “best value” CPA and consulting firm solution for organizations who demand the best.

We hire ethical decision makers. We are continuous learners who fully understand the nuances of the industries we serve. We communicate richly and honestly. We hire go-getters and our clients tend to be go-getters as well. Our unique model provides access to the technical resources of the third largest CPA firm alliance in the world but you do not have to pay for it if you do not need it. National and Global reach is available if and when you need it. We have an unblemished reputation for quality.

Our firm was founded in 1973 by Herb Alexander. Our culture is rooted in client focus and quality in all things we do. AAF’s pragmatic thought leadership in diverse industries is highly sought after and we enjoy advising clients on best-practices that solve their finance and operational issues. We generously share our hard-earned profits with donations to nonprofits that enhance the communities where our 300+ professionals live and work.

We make a difference with our work at AAFCPAs and have numerous clients who genuinely rave about our exceptional value. Click here to listen to what our clients have to say.

You have our full commitment and our guarantee that every AAFCPAs employee will give you their very best effort consistently. We will quickly earn your trust and we will keep it over time. Like you, we also seek long term relationships and this means we are not afraid to invest the extra time early on to learn and understand you and your organization. We are an authentic brand and not afraid to be ourselves. In everything we do, you will clearly notice that AAF does business with sincerity.

Please take advantage of our eagerness to serve you.


Carla M. McCall, CPA, CGMA
Managing Partner