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AAFCPAs’ approach to business process improvement is focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and internal control.

Business Process & Internal Controls Performance Consulting

Companies change in size, complexity, or just evolve over time.  Their processes do not necessarily evolve appropriately to match the company’s changes.  Typically, process changes lag behind advancements in their software too. AAF’s approach to business process improvement is focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and internal control within the context of a company’s information system capabilities.

AAFCPAs’ Business & IT Consulting practice has a stellar record of implementing incremental value-added change, with the ability to track results and measure success, and to align with business goals and process performance objectives.

When should you assess operational efficiency, effectiveness, and internal controls?

  • When you become aware of, or suspect fraud
  • When your company expects or has incurred rapid growth
  • When your information system was implemented more than 4 years ago
  • When you are selecting or implementing a new information system
  • When you believe that existing system capabilities are not being fully optimized
  • When your existing information system is not capable of supporting process design changes
  • When there are changes to regulatory requirements
  • When the scope of the services you provide change
  • When processes appear to take too long to complete or languish
  • When control deficiencies are identified during the financial statement audit process

Business processes, by definition, cut across organizational and functional boundaries. Effective business process analysis and improvement is best accomplished through the involvement of cross-functional teams of individuals who actually work in the system and know it first-hand. AAFCPAs keeps client teams focused, documents the processes, asks the right questions, and enlightens the team to improvement opportunities, control points, and where technology could make a difference.

The real tangible benefits of proper business process management include:

  • Increased quality of information
  • Reduced number of errors
  • Reduced process throughput times
  • Reduced training time
  • Increased reporting speed and accuracy
  • Reduced risks of fraud

AAFCPAs’ Business & IT Advisory Services practice helps clients make sound business decisions regarding IT systems, business processes, and controls. We deliver pragmatic advice and solutions. AAF’s technology professionals have deep experience to help you achieve your business goals. The members of the AAF team were IT Directors, ISOs, CFOs, or Directors in global consulting firms, with both operations and consulting experience. Every practice member has over 15 years of proven experience.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a Revolution in Business Process ImprovementWith constant pressure to increase efficiencies and speed to insight, reduce costs, and improve process quality, many organizations are turning to robotic process automation (RPA) as a solution. AAFCPAs introduces RPA solutions where appropriate to eliminate a myriad of mundane tasks clients perform on a routine basis. With automation, clients are delegating these tasks to bots and reducing the occurrence of human errors that regularly occur in data entry.

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