System Selection and Implementation

AAFCPAs performs Business Process Assessments and advises clients on improvement opportunities, or when a new system is in order.

In some cases, business processes may be improved through better optimization of existing systems and enhanced user training. In other cases, organizations may have simply outgrown their accounting and/or operations system.

Common signs indicating you need a new ERP or Accounting system:

  1. You could not transition seamlessly to a remote-work environment.
  2. Your existing system is not capable of supporting process design changes.
  3. You need features beyond what your current system is providing.
  4. You have many disparate information sources, and no or minimal integration.
  5. Your processes are highly manual.
  6. The system you are using is no longer supported by the vendor.
  7. You cannot get the data you need when you need it in order to make timely actionable decisions.

AAFCPAs pragmatically answers the questions: What do I need most? How can I make sure I utilize its fullest potential?

AAFCPAs performs Business Process Assessments and advises clients on improvement opportunities, or when a new system is in order.

We interview key user groups and conduct current process discovery sessions in order to document system(s) requirements to communicate with software vendors in a Request for Information (RFI).

AAFCPAs has a proven process for systems selections:

  1. Determine client vision and operations strategy for their new system
  2. Document system requirements in RFI and determine potential software solutions
  3. Issue RFI to selected solutions and facilitate their responses
  4. Summarize RFI responses & evaluate with client team

  1. Create custom demonstration scenarios
  2. Work with vendors to prepare for demonstrations
  3. Attend and facilitate demonstrations
  4. Obtain and review cost estimates

  1. Evaluate finalists based on demonstrations
  2. Perform reference calls/visits
  3. Facilitate meeting for selection of finalist
  4. Work with vendor to secure best pricing and signed contract

National Brain Tumor Society“I highly recommend AAFCPAs’ System Selection Consulting.  It was an eye-opening experience that quickly proved its value. AAF helped us decide what systems to consider given our budget, and which features we needed in both the short- and long-term. Their knowledge and familiarity with multiple systems helped us work through a detailed process that began with skillfully designed meetings to discuss and define our true needs. AAFCPAs created a purely unbiased document evaluating each systems’ pros and cons. Their intellect and familiarity with the selection process proved invaluable when interpreting the responses we received. AAF created an impressive, detailed matrix that helped us rule out all but two systems. They then helped us prepare questions to ask during presentations from our two finalists. Ultimately, AAFCPAs’ perspective led us to select the best system. It truly could not have gone any better. More.>>” – Steve Gallucci, CFO, National Brain Tumor Society

System Implementation

Implementing a new accounting software application requires significant investments in time, energy and financial resources. A proper implementation plan with AAFCPAs as your partner is key to maximizing the long-term value of your new system. Learn more about systems implementation >>

Why Choose AAFCPAs?

  • AAFCPAs has performed hundreds of system selections & implementations for clients over the years and understands the steps needed to ensure the best ROI given the organization’s requirements and budget.
  • Our team includes senior-level technologists, business process analysts, and implementation project managers. This includes former CFOs & controllers who apply their unique “end-user” perspective to ensure success from project plan development to achievement of the “go live” milestone.
  • We use state-of-the-art project management frameworks and principles from the Project Management Institute and Agile Scrum.
  • We have a broad understanding of how the interconnected components of people, process, and technology must be orchestrated to overcome pitfalls, accelerate user adoption, and ensure a successful system implementation.
  • AAFCPAs understand accounting processes, internal control, and compliance requirements, as well as the terminology utilized by software vendors. We know the potential pitfalls and areas that require extra attention. We serve as our clients’ advocates and translators as needed to ensure expectations are met and to help clients achieve an optimal system selection and an efficient implementation process.
  • We are very familiar with the leading accounting software packages on the market today and recommend options that offer the best potential fit for you based on your industry, characteristics, and system requirements.
  • Over the years, AAFCPAs has formed strong relationships with leading accounting & operations software vendors that we leverage as appropriate to ensure our clients are partnering with strong, dedicated professionals.
  • Clients tell us our value is unbeatable in the market. We deliver the ideal combination of expertise, service, and price.