Manufacturing & Distribution

AAFCPAs has deep expertise advising manufacturing and distribution companies across a range of sectors, including automotive, chemical, industrial products, computing & robotics, beverage & cannabis, textiles, as well as other industries.

Assurance, Tax, Accounting, and Advisory for Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

Since our inception in 1973, AAFCPAs has established itself as a reliable ally for mid-market manufacturers and distributors. We deliver insightful financial analysis and strategic operational advice, empowering management to make well-informed decisions that significantly contribute to the enhanced performance and enduring success of the business.

AAFCPAs understands the distinct challenges manufacturing & distribution companies face, such as managing costs effectively while maximizing revenue, determining optimal pricing strategies, monitoring inventory levels to balance stockouts and overstock, assessing the ROI for marketing, analyzing customer data to enhance personalization and retention, evaluating the efficiency of supply chain and logistics operations, and optimizing floor layouts and workforce allocation.

How AAFCPAs Helps Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

Why Manufacturing & Distribution Clients Value AAFCPAs

Depth of Expertise

  • AAFCPAs is a top 100 CPA & Consultancy firm in the US with a multi-disciplinary team of 325+ professionals (and growing). As you may expect from a Top 100 firm, we have extensive experience navigating complex tax regulations and compliance requirements essential to minimize tax while avoiding potential legal and financial issues. 
  • Our team includes senior professionals with Big 4 and national firm experience. They have advised mid-sized, multinational SEC registrants and bring “lessons learned” to emerging companies navigating the accounting and tax complexities of revenue recognition, development costs, share based compensation, and complex equity or debt structures in venture capital transactions.
  • Beyond traditional Tax & Audit, we provide a full range of services—from IT & Cyber Security, Business Intelligence, and Productivity Improvements to Fractional CFOs & Outsourced Accounting, and Business Transaction Advisory. We possess the depth clients require to scale and align with both current and evolving needs.  
  • Our multidisciplinary team’s in-depth expertise in financial planning and analysis has greatly benefited our clients. With expertise in financial accounting, budgeting, strategic planning, risk management, and data analysis, and attuned to industry-specific challenges, our consultants excel in providing customized financial solutions. We collaborate closely with clients for effective benchmarking, both internally and against competitors, offering insights into purchasing, cost tracking, ERP system efficiency, and customer acceptance to meet their specific needs.
  • Like manufacturing and distribution companies, the accounting profession is becoming increasingly data driven. Our teams are skilled in utilizing advanced accounting and data analytics tools, offering valuable insights on key performance indicators crucial for effective inventory management, precise financial forecasting, and stringent cost control in manufacturing operations.

Comprehensive Lifecycle Support 

  • We support your manufacturing business from its initial setup through expansion, and eventual strategic exit or transition. In the early stages, efficiency is key. Our Outsourced Accounting & Fractional CFO services provide the essential resources for managing compliance and strategic financial planning, tailored for the unique needs of manufacturing startups. As your production scales, we assist in deriving actionable insights from your data, enhancing decision-making for increased operational effectiveness. If you’re aiming for an acquisition, a merger, or a strategic exit, our team is equipped to guide you through the complexities of buy-side, sell-side, and internal transactions, ensuring a smooth and confident process in the manufacturing landscape.
  • We stay up to date with industry trends, innovation, and emerging best practices in order to bring fresh perspectives and solutions to the table. Our best ideas come from our people…curious, engaged, innovative, always improving. 

National and Global Reach 

  • Even as a regional, independent entity, we keep a vigilant eye on both national and international industry trends and opportunities. Our Managing Partner, a recognized leader in the profession, has been an integral part of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) council since 2011, recently earning the esteemed position of Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of this 431,000-member association. This involvement has ensured our firm’s direct insight into emerging issues influencing the practice of public accounting—including technology & automation, cybersecurity & data privacy, and the constant stream of regulatory changes.  
  • Further, as an independent member of PrimeGlobal, the third largest CPA firm association in the world, our clients experience seamless national and global coordination of resources, on an as needed, pay-as-you-use basis. Our clients consider us an attractive alternative to national CPA firms.  

Unique Culture & Values 

  • At AAFCPAs, we continue to build on our unique and authentic people-first culture. We believe our people are our greatest asset, and we provide resources to help them reach their full potential. We reward the following behaviors: inclusion, kindness, innovation, growth-mindset, honorable character, work ethic, and client dedication. We have a culture of gratitude and value the unique strengths & contributions from each team member. We believe happy people make happy clients. 

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