Nonprofit Tax

AAF delivers the required tax compliance with a holistic approach to your organization’s entire financial picture.

AAFCPAs has over four decades of experience providing comprehensive nonprofit tax expertise. Regulatory scrutiny is increasing and our advice helps clients navigate complex issues such as unrelated business income tax (UBIT), state filing requirements, related-party transactions and executive compensation disclosures.

We deliver the required compliance with a holistic approach to your organization’s entire financial picture. As part of the tax return review process, we make proven recommendations to ensure you are optimizing your precious resources and putting your best foot forward to potential funders.

AAFCPAs’ nonprofit tax solutions include:

  • Federal Form 990 – The Form 990 is continuously evolving and growing in significance.  It informs the public about crucial aspects of your nonprofit. We train our clients’ board members and officers to fully understand the Form 990, and provide practical guidance, ensuring sound governance that is demonstrated to donors and the public.
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) – AAFCPAs goes beyond Form 990-T preparation by developing comprehensive cost allocation plans that minimize the tax burden.
  • Charitable trust returns – AAFCPAs’ proactive and innovative approach to tax planning enables our clients to decrease both their current and future tax liabilities, and achieve compliance with confidence.
  • Compensation disclosures – AAFCPAs advises on compensation and related-party transactions to ensure disclosures are in accordance with IRS and state guidelines.
  • Foreign investment reporting – AAFCPAs provides guidance on whether foreign activities are in-line with the tax-exempt purpose and mission of your organization, and compliance with federal and state reporting requirements.
  • Multistate filing / registration requirements – AAF has deep knowledge of filing requirements for organizations providing services in multiple jurisdictions.

The exposure we gain from our 350 + nonprofit clients is unmatched by our peers. The tax expertise of our partners comes through the culmination of a lifetime of formal education, continuous learning, and active work experience solving issues pragmatically in diverse nonprofit and commercial industry sectors.

AAFCPAs has tax strategists on staff with expertise in tax law pertaining to not for profit organizations. This resource is available to clients at any time to help address questions relating to the Form 990 including unrelated business income tax risk, executive compensation, related-party transactions, employment taxes, multi-state filings or other state and local tax questions.

AAF has a dedicated tax department that contributes to AAF’s exceptional value, which clients tell us is unbeatable in the marketplace. We define value as that ideal combination of expertise, service and price.

AAFCPAs delivers much more than the required compliance.

Handling the finances of a nonprofit on a day-to-day basis can be daunting. As your trusted business advisor, we provide guidance on planning and managing every aspect of the organization, including people, programs, buildings, equipment, fundraising, technology, printing and insurance. We train executives and board members in understanding the financials so they can understand key financial indicators and think strategically.

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