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National & Global Reach

We have many clients who are former clients of the Big 4 or National firms. They’ve learned first-hand about the exceptional value AAFCPAs offers.

National & Global Reach

National & Global Reach

Independent Member of PrimeGlobalAs an independent member of PrimeGlobal, Inc., AAFCPAs has full access to the resources of the fourth largest CPA firm association in the world. This provides our clients with seamless coverage nationally or worldwide, with the same coordination of a Big 4 or National Firm. Our unique, pay-as-you-use model is advantageous to our clients because it keeps fees down significantly. This model contributes to AAF’s exceptional value, which clients tell us is unbeatable in the marketplace.

Our alliance with PrimeGlobal provides clients with seamless access to the resources of over 300 member firms, in 80 countries, with more than 900 offices around the world.

PrimeGlobal Map - CPAs with Global Locations

An Attractive Alternative to the Big 4 and National Firms

We have many clients who were former clients of the Big 4 or National firms. We encourage you to call them and learn first-hand about AAFCPAs’ exceptional value. They will dispel any myths of increased safety or expertise. Our clients tell us the biggest advantages are:

  • In-person partner access and attention
  • No delays from national headquarters
  • Speed in decision making
  • A two-partner approach
  • Consistency of team
  • High-energy team players
  • The fees you save may go right to the bottom line, or be put back into your operations
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • The best of both worlds…small enough to know you yet large enough to serve
  • Pay as you use National & Global Reach