Earned Expertise

Earned Expertise = Formal Education + Continuous Learning + Diverse Hands On Experience

Where Does Our Expertise Come From?

Earned Expertise = Formal Education + Continuous Learning + Diverse Hands-On Experience

Where does our expertise come from and why is it unique?

AAFCPAs is home to some of the most highly-skilled CPAs in the nation. We focus on recruiting and retaining specialists who know your business, know best practices, new tax rules, and know how to evaluate your financial situation. This allows you to achieve your goals and maximize financial resources. Our talented, industry-specific management team, as well as our motivated, professional workforce, allows us to create a unique client experience and deliver exceptional value for our clients.

The expertise of our people comes through the culmination of a lifetime of formal education, continuous learning, and diverse, hands-on work experience solving our clients’ issues pragmatically for privately-held companies and sophisticated nonprofits.

Formal Education – In order to analyze and evaluate complex business problems, the professionals at AAF must obtain the required body of knowledge and develop the skills and abilities needed to be successful accounting advisors. At minimum, this includes a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. Many then choose to continue their education and earn graduate degrees such as a Masters in Taxation or MBA. Earning a CPA designation is something most new accountants commit to achieve immediately. Candidates pursuing the CPA certification in Massachusetts are required to have at minimum 150 credit hours (30 additional semester hours beyond the traditional undergraduate program) of college-level education from a nationally or regionally-accredited college or university. Finally, accountants must pass a specialized, rigorous exam in order to legally work as a Certified Public Accountant.

Continuous Learning – Continuous learning is paramount when it comes to serving as the best technical and business resource for our clients. In addition to technical competence in accounting and auditing pronouncements and the proliferation of new tax laws, AAFCPAs’ training program includes curriculum focused on and reinforcing the critical importance of professional ethics. We are committed to learning how best practices may be utilized to ensure success and move our clients forward. AAFCPAs is committed to continuous learning and to obtaining the requisite knowledge and skills to continue to anticipate the ongoing and evolving needs of our clients.

Active Work Experience – Our people combine technical competence and a commitment to service, with rich communication and analytical skills. AAFCPAs’ hands-on experience with sophisticated for-profit, nonprofit, and high-net-worth individual clients, all with complex needs, provides a base of exposure to best practices.

At the end of the day, it is our expertise that clients value the most. We understand the nuances of the industries we serve because we’ve been engrossed in our work for 50 years.