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Technology Risk Assessment

AAF tailors Technology Risk Assessments to address the unique needs and concerns of your organization.

Technology Risk Assessment

IT Risk Assessment Services

You rely on information technology to operate your business and maintain your competitiveness. If your systems become disabled or compromised, the impact could range from short term losses in productivity and aggravation, to catastrophic, long-term consequences.

The technology you use must be in a constant state of evolution to keep up with changing organizational requirements and threats from both inside and outside targeted attacks.  If you are going to rely on technology to operate your business and safe-guard your sensitive data, then we should be regularly assessing and mitigating risks in your technology environment.

AAF has a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the technology field. Our team members have a deep understanding of information technology operations, information security, and internal controls from a design, implementation and testing perspective. Our exceptional value comes from delivering proven solutions with that ideal combination of expertise, service, and price.

AAFCPAs’ tailored technology risk assessment engagement for your organization can include any or all of the following services:

  • Network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Network device (firewall, switches, VPN concentrator, wireless access point) configuration assessment
  • Assessment of network design
  • Assessment of Information Technology General Controls (“ITGCs”) for access to programs and data, change management, program development, and computer operations
  • Alignment of business objectives and business strategy with IT strategy
  • Suitability of application portfolio for administrative operations as well as programs and services
  • Suitability of IT infrastructure to support applications
  • IT organization’s ability to meet IT and business needs
  • Assessment of third party data security

Each and every organization is unique and therefore has a technology environment that has been developed to serve the particular needs of the organization. AAF tailors Technology Risks Assessments to address the unique needs of your organization. We start by gaining an understanding of your technology environment to identify areas which may present risks. Our process is highly collaborative and engaging, and we ensure constant communication and feedback throughout the engagement. The final results are packaged in a report that provides clear, concise findings and recommendations that can be used as a road-map for mitigating risks.

We provide solutions for very small companies (5 employees) through sophisticated mid-market organizations (~3,000 employees). Our exceptional value comes from delivering proven solutions with that ideal combination of expertise, service, and price.