Collaborative Budgeting

AAFCPAs helps clients ditch the spreadsheets and budget better! Budget in minutes, not months.

Cloud-Based Collaborative Budgeting & Reporting Design & Implementation

Budgeting is one of the more time consuming and frustrating annual tasks. AAFCPAs helps clients get more done in less time with an easy to use and affordable cloud-based software (powered by Martus™).

Key Benefits:

  • Budget Faster: Budget worksheets are built in the cloud to alleviate the email attachment headaches that come with spreadsheets.
  • Collaborate Better: Empower leadership and your team to be in the know without paper reports. Disperse templates with pre-filled, historic data, and roll-up to the organizational budget.
  • Bottom-Up Budgeting: Start the process with your team on board. Create accountability with program or department leaders.
  • Controlled Access: Grant user-level permissions to your data depending on the need.
  • Real-Time Data: Accurate information to help you analyze budgets as they are being built.
  • Report Easier: Monitor your conformance with budgets in real time and drill down to transactional level details.
  • Get the Details: Look at details by person or position and allocate costs across multiple P&Ls. Create detailed payroll budget using actual staff salaries and applying metrics like raises, promotions or benefit levels.
  • Pre-Built Reporting: Save time creating reports with built-in templates.
  • Flexible Reporting: Tailor each view for your specific performance data.
  • Seamless Accounting Integrations: All of this is immediately available within minutes after connecting to your accounting system and tailored to your financial structure.

AAFCPAs’ Approach

  • We evaluate your accounting system and determine application interface requirements.
  • We perform an analysis & documentation of your current budgeting process and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • We set-up and configure the Martus multi-department & multi-user cloud-based budgeting platform.
  • We set-up the interface with your existing accounting solution to enable budget to actual reporting.
  • We ensure the solution aligns with your current Chart of Accounts.
  • We set up collaboration workflows to create efficiency and accountability with program leaders.
  • We demonstrate built-in dashboards & pre-built reports, which include versioning and forecasting abilities.
  • We set up budget & dimensional reporting based on your needs.
  • We assist with change management, which includes training of your user team.


  • We provide hands-on support through all phases of the application implementation, from set-up and configuration to change management.
  • Our team includes senior-level technologists, business process analysts, and implementation project managers. This includes former CFOs & controllers who apply their unique “end-user” perspective to ensure success from project plan development to achievement of the “go live” milestone.
  • AAFCPAs has performed hundreds of system selections & assisted with implementations for clients over the years and understands the steps needed to ensure the best ROI given the organization’s requirements and budget.
  • We use state-of-the-art project management frameworks and principles from the Project Management Institute and Agile Scrum.
  • We have a broad understanding of how the interconnected components of people, process, and technology must be orchestrated to overcome pitfalls, accelerate user adoption, and ensure a successful system implementation.
  • AAFCPAs understands accounting processes, internal control, and compliance requirements, as well as the terminology utilized by software vendors. We know the potential pitfalls and areas that require extra attention. We serve as our clients’ advocates and translators as needed to ensure expectations are met and to help clients achieve an efficient and optimized system implementation process.

Let us help you engage leadership in the planning process quickly and easily with our pre-built planning templates. You no longer need to share and keep track of revisions to Excel files. Think of the time you will save!

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