Outsourced, Fractional CFOs

AAFCPAs offers specialized CFO consulting services, seamlessly integrating with client teams to provide strategic financial guidance and management support. Specialists, including Fractional CFOs and Consulting Controllers, collaborate closely with your leadership, focusing on both immediate and long-term objectives.

AAFCPAs’ Consulting CFOs seamlessly integrate into client executive teams, offering invaluable financial guidance that comes from deep expertise. This includes support overseeing the capital structure, analyzing financial strengths and weaknesses, and advising on strategic direction. We coordinate with your team to provide complimentary skills and work together toward achieving a common purpose. 

Part of Your Leadership Team  

We seamlessly integrate into your visionary team, engaging regularly with your leadership to tackle both short and long-term objectives. Our support goes beyond financial reports – we align with your strategy. We immerse ourselves in your business, acting as a confidant, thought partner, and financial quarterback. As a sounding board, we help you foresee and conquer challenges while capitalizing on opportunities. We evaluate pain points and growth drivers and offer objective advice. 

Exceptional Reservoir of Financial Expertise  

AAFCPAs is uniquely positioned to empower your journey to financial success. Our team offers a wealth of accounting expertise, including Fractional CFOs, Consulting Controllers, and staff accountants, along with access to 300+ industry-experienced CPA and consulting professionals. This resource network includes CPAs, tax attorneys, trust & estate strategists, and business transaction advisors, forming the backbone of our comprehensive service. 

CFO Guidance at a Glance: 

  • Strategic Financial Leadership & Management Support  
  • Financial Planning & Analysis 
  • Develop Key Business Questions & KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) 
  • Enhanced Management Reporting 
  • Capital & Fund Raise 
  • Cash Flow Management 
  • Growth & Exit Strategy 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • Compensation Modeling 
  • Profit Optimization 
  • Governance & Compliance 
  • Audit Committee Liaison & Presentations 
  • Technical Accounting Adoption 
  • And more.  

Rely on us for insightful guidance to make informed decisions that enhance your profitability and align with your business goals. 

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