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We possess the breadth of expertise that owners require to address the entirety of their financial & operational needs, providing access to a multi-disciplinary team of 325+ professionals as well as a national & global network of CPA firms.

Over the past five decades and counting, AAFCPAs has thrived by delivering top-notch tax, accounting, and advisory services tailored specifically for closely-held businesses, encompassing family-owned enterprises and ambitious entrepreneurs alike. We possess the breadth of expertise that owners require to address the entirety of their financial & operational needs, providing access to a multi-disciplinary team of 325+ professionals as well as a national & global network of CPA firms. Our commitment to delivering high-touch, responsive, and timely service ensures that we are there for you whenever you need us!

Let’s explore how AAFCPAs can support you:

Business & Personal Tax

Integrating business tax and personal tax planning is crucial for owners due to the inherent interdependence between the two. Owners often have a substantial portion of their personal wealth tied to the business, and thus financial decisions within the business directly impact their personal tax situation and vice versa. By aligning tax strategies for both aspects, AAFCPAs helps owners optimize tax efficiency, avoid double taxation, shift income in a beneficial manner, plan for business exit and succession with minimized tax liabilities, and manage their overall wealth more effectively. Furthermore, our integrated approach to tax planning streamlines compliance and reporting processes, maximizes deductions and credits, and allows for a comprehensive, long-term financial strategy that supports both business objectives and personal financial aspirations, while minimizing risks and liabilities.

Outsourced Accounting & Fractional CFO

Many of AAFCPAs’ entrepreneurial clients leverage our team for outsourced accounting and CFO advisory as well. Our Outsourced Accounting & Fractional CFO solutions are designed to cater to your business’s present requirements as well as future growth. Whether you choose to outsource your entire finance function or just specific aspects of it, you gain access to a skilled team of finance professionals, including consulting CFOs and transactional accountants. Throughout our journey, we assisted numerous businesses and their owners in various capacities, spanning from bookkeeping & tax compliance readiness to delivering high-level CFO services.

Personal Financial Planning & Wealth Management

We know that while financial strategies may have common characteristics, your goals are personal, unique, and in progress. We listen to you carefully to understand what is most important to you before considering the right path. We then use our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®)-based approach to provide a holistic, tax-efficient, and intelligent personal financial plan and investment portfolio centered on your goals—and your goals alone. With our expertise in investment management, we help optimize your portfolio for growth and risk management. Through careful asset allocation, diversification strategies, and investment selection, we aim to maximize returns while aligning with your risk profile and investment objectives. AAF Wealth Management is a boutique Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm serving select individuals and families. What makes us unique is, as an affiliate of AAFCPAs, we leverage shared knowledge with New England’s preeminent CPA and Consulting firm to provide insightful planning that considers the full range of tax implications to our clients’ financial lives.

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

A well-thought out, customized and documented estate plan is a key component of your personal financial plan. It is most critical to providing you and your family with peace of mind. Whether you plan to transfer your wealth to family members, business colleagues, or to your charity of choice, our solutions help ensure the transfer is consistent with your legacy objectives—and that your privacy is maintained. This includes evaluating your insurance needs, identifying risks, and recommending appropriate insurance coverage to protect your business, personal assets, and key employees from potential disruptions.

Business Succession & Retirement

We employ strategies for business owners and those involved in entrepreneurial ventures to minimize tax liabilities related to business income, capital gains, and transitions such as business succession or sale. AAFCPAs’ multi-disciplinary Business Transaction Advisory team has 50 years of experience advising businesses managing and executing buy-side, sell-side, and internal transactions. We also assist business owners, investors, and key employees in developing personalized retirement plans tailored to your needs. By evaluating retirement savings options, pension plans, and IRAs, we help ensure your financial security during your retirement years.


AAFCPAs provides best-value audit, review, and compilation solutions for closely-held companies. Our assurance professionals place a heavy emphasis on planning & communication. To plan for and carry out our role as an advisor to the management team, we invest significant time and resources to learn about your business. We help you interpret the financial and operational information discovered during the audit process, which in turn, leads to informed decision-making. Further, we provide confidence to the users of your financial statements.

Business Process, Systems & IT Security

AAFCPAs’ integrated Business Process & IT Consulting practice strengthens the links between people, process, and technology, which helps clients improve security, productivity, and data intelligence. Talk to our team about business process improvement, ERP or General Ledger system selection/implementation, Robotic Process Automation, Data Analytics, IT & Cyber Security.

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