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What Sets Us Apart

Sincerity in business is rare. Our uniqueness is summed up best by the sincere individuals who make up the collective firm. We are genuine and authentic in everything we do to best serve our clients with excellence.

What Sets Us Apart

Why AAF?

AAFCPAs is more than a collection of achievements and expertise. You need more than credentials. You need a team of advisors who are as passionate about making you successful as you are. That’s where we come in.

Unique from the start

A productive – and pleasant – first year

To ensure an easy transition, we dig in, ask the right questions, learn your business, and start making a difference immediately.

One Firm

AAFCPAs ensures teamwork and cooperation to best serve the interests of our clients. Our partners are not compensated on individual books of business but share equally in the firm’s success. We have eliminated any and all internal barriers to truly putting our clients’ diverse needs first and foremost. You will notice and be happily served by a team of high-performing specialists who come together quickly to give you their very best expertise.

Perfect Size

We’re independent and regional, with national and global reach. We’re big enough to tackle any project, yet small enough to be nimble and to give you hands-on partner involvement.

Female leadership

We’re the rare CPA firm with both male and female leaders. Our Co-Managing Partners are Carla M. McCall, CPA and David P. McManus, CPA. We’re committed to mentoring women to thrive in public accounting at AAF through our Women’s Opportunity Network (WON).

Consistently by your side

A better experience for you and your team

We are attentive, flexible, and quick to respond. The professionals you’ll work with are high level with experience in your field. You have easy access to partners.

Sincere interest in you

We make it a point to know you – your finances, your challenges, and your vision for the future. We keep our commitments. We care about people and it shows in everything we do.

Proactive and innovative

We proactively focus on improving your business or finances. We have expertise at refining processes to enable better forecasting and decision-making. We’ve popularized many of the practices and techniques that have become standard in the industry.

In it for the long term

We invest in you

We join you, harnessing our expertise and passion to help you succeed. We don’t hold back. We put in the time and energy to know your business and find opportunities for growth and efficiency, because we’re in it for the long haul.

We invest in the community

We work passionately with 350+ local, national and international nonprofits, helping them perform like finely-tuned for-profit enterprises so they can get the most mission out of every dollar. Many of our employees volunteer their personal time to support our clients’ missions. We encourage volunteerism by paying members for one day of service annually to benefit our community. We happily commit to donating 10% of net earnings annually back to nonprofits. All of these acts demonstrate our core value—community service—and enhance life in the communities where our professionals live and work.

We invest in ourselves

We have successfully transferred leadership from our founder to our two Co-Managing Partners. That means we’ll be around for another 40+ years, just as independent, dedicated, and entrepreneurial as we are today. We are an organization that fully embraces continuous learning of all professionals. Our training is intense, practical, and ongoing. This enables us to stay sharp and remain on the cutting edge of industry trends and business best practices.

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