Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co. Announces New Shareholders

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Jeffrey Cicolini

Jeffrey V. Cicolini, CPA, CGMA

Jeff is a leader of AAFCPAs’ Community Impact Human Services Practice. He has extensive expertise serving complex, multi-service health & human services providers, including those offering behavioral health, affordable housing & shelter, family & youth services, special education, workforce development, and more. He is deeply familiar with the financial, operational, and regulatory complexities in this sector. Jeff helps guide clients through compliance with federal, state, and local government funding, with an eye toward enhancing internal financial …
John Buckley

John Buckley, CPA, CGMA

John is the leader of AAFCPAs’ Educational Services practice, serving diverse academic and education services clients spanning independent schools, colleges/universities, special education schools, education services, charter schools and charter management organizations (CMOs). He fully understand the nuances of the educational services industry and  business and operational challenges faced by these institutions, including funding and regulatory issues such as: capital campaign structures, complex endowments, alternative investments, debt financing and tax credit options, and unique governance concerns and …