AAFCPAs’ Zip2CPA Program

AAFCPAs offers a comprehensive program to help accounting professionals accelerate the process of earning their CPA credential!

Zip2CPA LogoMost accountants know the CPA credential is one of the highest trust certifications you can achieve in the marketplace. And it’s no secret: passing the CPA exam comes with substantial opportunities for increased earning potential. But the intimidating thought of having to work plus prep for the exam holds many back from pursuing this rewarding stretch goal.

AAFCPAs helps team members successfully manage & accelerate their achievement of becoming a CPA, a significant boost to their personal brands.

AAFCPAs’ Zip2CPA Accelerator Program includes:

  • An actively managed work schedule to include study periods alongside hands-on public accounting experience
  • Wiley, Surgent, or Becker CPA exam review course enrollment
  • Focused coaching and mentoring from an experienced CPA Partner/UMass Lowell Professor. This includes individual attention, planning, and support, as well as consistent and continuous one-on-one meetings
  • Peer support from a cohort invested in the same goal as you
  • CPA Exams paid for by the firm
  • Financial bonus reward for achievement of this Stretch Goal!

Employees are also eligible, if desired, to enroll in the firm’s tailored Graduate Program in partnership with Nichols College, supplemented by AAFCPAs to achieve the necessary 150 hours and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

“In the past, we have supported structured classes and study programs. These don’t work for everyone,” said Jeff Mead, AAFCPAs Audit Partner & UMASS Lowell Professor. “Our Zip2CPA program’s success is driven by one-on-one coaching, tailored to each individual’s needs.”

The CPA credential IS a high-effort and high-risk goal. It is intentionally set above normal standards to attract exponential rewards, opportunities, and experience.

We invest in the advancement of our professionals so we may continue to serve as the best technical and business resource for our clients. Continuous learning is a core value of AAFCPAs.

“One month after getting hired, Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch, AAFCPAs’ Director, Talent Advancement, met with me and changed my perspective on the CPA exam. She said do not look at this as an exam of 4 parts that you are obligated to take to be successful in life. Look at it as credentials that will open more opportunities.  Schedule one exam. Study for it and go take it. After taking it reflect on it and see if you can do it 3 more times. I took her advice. I wanted to quit before taking my first exam.

However, I met with our managing partner Carla McCall, and told her about my self-doubts. She encouraged me to believe in myself and connected me with my CPA mentor, Partner Jeff Mead.  Jeff helped me understand this is not another college exam, helped me create a study plan that worked for me, and supported me and pushed me… After successfully passing the CPA exam, I realized this exam is more about mental grit than anything else. You just need to put in the time to study and build a support system that will be there for you during those times where you are unmotivated and having second thoughts.

I was lucky enough to be hired by a firm (AAFCPAs) that is full of mentors and coaches. I did not only have a great support system at home but also at work. I cannot wait to see the fruits of my harvest.”

– Daylene Pena Perez (she/her)