Must-Know Federal and State Fundraising Rules and Regulations for Non Profits

Are you registered in each state where you fundraise?
iStock_000049411742LargeThe majority of states and the District of Columbia require charitable nonprofits and/or professional fundraising consultants (sometimes referred to as “solicitors”) to register with the state before engaging in fundraising activities in that state.  Charities that solicit contributions in more than one state, on the internet, or via social media may be required to register in multiple states.  Many charities do not realize they are not in compliance with these regulations.  Since so many states require their own state-specific forms, it is imperative to check each state’s requirements.
AAFCPAs’ Robin Kelley, CPA and Josh England, Esq., in collaboration with the Providers’ Council, will present a Webinar: Must Know Federal and State Fundraising Rules and Regulations for Non Profits on March 5, 2015 from 2:00 – 3:30 pm.
This webinar will provide an overview of what activities can cause a registration requirement, failure to file consequences, general overall state regulations, initial and recurring registration requirements, related Federal regulations and online resources.
Participants will learn about the following and where to find additional information to assist with determining their organization’s compliance:

  • Charitable Solicitation Statutes;
  • The Uniform Registration Statement (URS);
  • Internet Solicitations (i.e. a “Donate Now” button); and
  • How States are Enforcing State Laws Governing Solicitation of Money.

The March 5th webinar is presented exclusively for Providers’ Council members.  This event will be recorded and offered as an OnDemand webinar via by March 10th.
Click here to access this webinar OnDemand.
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