Forensic Accounting

AAFCPAs’ forensic accounting team applies our accounting, financial analysis and investigative skills to uncover truth, and assist in financial investigations.

Forensic Accounting Services

Today’s fraud schemes are more sophisticated than ever. White collar crime destroys companies, devastates families by wiping out their life savings, diverts funding for program services for nonprofits, and costs investors billions of dollars annually.

We combine accounting knowledge with investigative skills in various litigation support and forensic accounting settings. AAF’s forensic accounting professionals are CPAs, Certified in Financial Forensics (CFFs), and have over 40 years of experience in the field. You will be engaging advisors with hands-on knowledge of typical fraud schemes and data analysis techniques who can perform investigations efficiently and strategically.

AAFCPAs’ forensic accounting solutions include:

  • Forensic research to trace funds and identify assets for recovery.
  • Forensic analysis of financial data.
  • Preparation of forensic accounting reports from financial findings.
  • Preparation of analytical data for litigation and testifying as needed.

AAFCPAs CFF and CPA professionals uncover white-collar crime, including:

  • Insurance claims
  • GAAP or GAAS violations
  • Contract and procurement fraud
  • Asset misappropriation
  • Securities fraud
  • Financial statement fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Financial data analysis
  • Evidence integrity analysis
  • Computer application design
  • Damage assessment
  • Trace illicit funds
  • Locate hidden assets
  • Due diligence reviews

When you suspect fraud or theft, it is imperative to engage AAFCPAs to investigate and quantify the financial loss. Because fraud is usually hidden, effective investigations can be difficult and time consuming. AAF’s forensic accounting team applies our accounting, financial analysis and investigative skills to uncover truth, assist in financial investigations and ultimately provide a credible analysis that may be relied upon in court or mediation.

Whether you need us to search for assets or serve as expert witnesses in court proceedings, we have the experience to serve your every need.

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