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Our People

Ingrid Goldbloom-Bloch

Director, Talent Advancement

Ingrid is a certified career counselor and coach with 20+ years of experience in leadership training and employee development. She has helped 100s of people transform their lives and careers, and expand their businesses using Design Thinking principles.

As a senior member of AAFCPAs’ Talent Management department, Ingrid creates innovative career coaching models, provides personal effectiveness and supervisory skills training, and develops employee leadership skills to be in-line with AAFCPAs’ strategic goals and core values.

Ingrid provides AAFCPAs’ employees with an ongoing mechanism to enhance their skills and knowledge that can lead to mastery of their current jobs, promotions, and transfers to new or different positions within our growing firm. Her efforts have a direct impact on our organization by improving morale, job & career satisfaction, motivation, productivity, and responsiveness in meeting expectations and objectives.

At AAFCPAs, we believe that happy accountants and advisors make happy clients, which is why the firm invests creatively in continuous training and development of our growing staff. AAFCPAs’ employees are fully engaged because they know AAFCPAs is genuinely concerned about their growth and provides avenues to reach individual career goals while fulfilling our mission.