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AAFCPAs Enhances Consulting Expertise in Cybersecurity, IT Systems, Business Process, and Performance Controls

Due to growth in client demand, AAFCPAs expands its Business Process & IT Advisory Practice with the addition of two deeply experienced Managers: Dawn Pantano, CPA, CITP, and Mr. Anderson, MCSE, CCNP, CISSP.

Dawn and Mr. Anderson are highly regarded for their expertise in IT security, business continuity, and selecting and deploying key business applications and technologies to meet corporate objectives, and drive productivity. These valuable additions present AAFCPAs’ clients with extraordinary additional capabilities to fully leverage IT’s impact on the overall performance of your organization, and to mitigate vulnerabilities and risks.

Dawn Pantano, CPA, CITP

Dawn is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP®) with a breadth of business and technology experience, including: Technology Strategic Planning; IT Architecture; Business Process Enablement; System Development, Acquisition, Implementation and Project Management; Information Systems Management; Systems Security, Reliability, Audit and Control; and IT Governance & Regulation. She skillfully and pragmatically answers the question “What do I need most,” so clients may optimize their ROI on technology investments. Read Dawn’s full profile. >>

Mr. Anderson, MCSER, CCNP, CISSP

Mr. Anderson is a “white hat” ethical security hacker and business continuity advisor with extensive experience in the development & implementation of security-focused audit and control programs. His identity is concealed so he may surreptitiously perform security breaches at the request of AAFCPAs’ clients, including: physically entering company location(s), setting up a laptop and attempting to establish a network connection. These breaches are part of AAFCPAs’ information technology and cybersecurity risk assessments designed to assess and test client vulnerabilities associated with your technology environment.  Read Mr. Anderson’s full profile. >>

“Dawn and Mr. Anderson are each exceptionally talented, and provide our clients with proven expertise to  optimize ROI from their technology spending while maintaining robust cybersecurity protocols,” said James Jumes, AAFCPAs’ Business & Advisory practice leader.