AAF Manager, Olga Yasinnik accepted to Women’s Leadership Program

Alexander Aronson Finning CPAs is excited to announce that Olga Yasinnik, CPA has been accepted to the Boston Chamber of Commerce 2014-2015 Women’s Leadership Program! Held in collaboration with the Simmons School of Management, this year-long Women’s Leadership Program provides a select group of emerging female professionals (3-10 years of experience) with opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, engage in the region’s business and civic communities, and develop professional networks that will serve them throughout their careers. Olga will join 113 other talented young women chosen from a competitive selection process.

AAF is committed to being a leader in supporting women’s success, especially in public accounting. The firm’s Women’s Opportunity Network (WON) creates visibility for women in the workplace and offers education, networking and mentoring opportunities for professionals in all stages of their careers. WON is a resource for ideas and solutions that enable women to thrive at AAF and grow as professionals, leaders and mentors.

Olga has been with the firm since 2009, working her way up to manager and demonstrating strong leadership skills along the way. Olga is the Education Chair for AAF’s WON, a career coach and an in-house trainer on diverse accounting topics.

AAF’s Jeanie Gorlovsky-Schepp, manager (WLP class of 2012-2013) and Katie Belanger, manager (WLP class of 2013-2014) graduated from this exciting program. “The Boston Chamber Women’s Leadership Program was a great opportunity for me,” remarks Belanger. “It developed my confidence, and helped me harness some of my fears and doubts. I was surrounded by an exceptional class of women and made life-long connections. I’m so proud of Olga and know that she will truly value this opportunity and represent the firm very nicely!”

Please join AAF in congratulating Olga on this accomplishment!

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