U.S. Tax Planning & Compliance for International Businesses

Our Boston-based tax professionals provide tax planning & compliance solutions for global companies expanding into US markets.

International U.S. Tax Planning & Compliance for Multinational Businesses Entering the United States

AAFCPAs provides tax planning & compliance solutions for global companies expanding into US markets. Our Boston-based tax professionals provide reliable advice and solutions to help multinational commercial corporations optimize global growth and expansion plans, minimize regulatory and tax risks, and increase your competitive advantage in the US.

AAFCPAs advises clients on issues impacting the US tax liability, including:

Why choose AAFCPAs?

  • AAFCPAs’ diverse international tax expertise is delivered by seasoned advisors with years of proven experience advising start-ups, venture-back companies, and global companies expanding into US markets with complex cross-border, international accounting, and taxation issues.
  • AAFPCAs has extensive accounting & tax expertise advising “nonresident aliens” and expatriates working abroad.
  • We don’t just plan for tax compliance — we help you manage compliance. We help streamline processes, facilitate business growth and geographic reach, and reduce administrative burden & costs. AAFCPAs combines tax expertise and state-of-the-art technology to deliver multistate tax compliance so you may focus on growth.
  • AAFCPAs works with our internationally-based clients’ advisors to balance U.S. tax, regulatory, and operations considerations to optimize their global growth strategies.
  • Many of our inbound clients also leverage our Outsourced Accounting & Fractional CFO to handle their US operations. Companies entering the US typically have operations & accounting needs similar to US start-up organizations, including choice of accounting systems, general ledger assistance, and compliance with federal and state payroll reporting. We help clients establish their accounting infrastructure as well as manage the day-to-day transactional accounting needs for a successful expansion into the US. Our tax and accounting teams coordinate to provide clients with convenience, efficiency, and compliance.
  • At AAFCPAs, we offer easy-to-use, secure applications to facilitate the collection, storage, and transfer of documents. We also ensure clear communication of expectations, including reminder emails and regular check-ins.
  • AAFCPAs helps clients understand the tax ramifications of their financial decisions before you make them—especially in today’s tax environment which is complex and constantly changing. Our experienced tax consultants are vigilant through extensive research and real-time monitoring. We keep pace with current regulations so you don’t have to, and we help you and your organization decide the best direction based on your circumstances and objectives.
  • As an independent member of PrimeGlobal, the third largest CPA firm association in the world, our clients experience seamless national and global coordination of tax resources, on an as-needed, pay-as-you-use basis. We have accounting & tax resources positioned in and are acutely familiar with the jurisdictions you are entering.
  • AAFCPAs is considered an attractive alternative to national CPA firms. We are big enough to have significant expertise, while keeping partners and managers connected to our clients. This is a significant difference between AAFCPAs and larger, national firms. We have access to the highest level of skill, while remaining quick and responsive through local decision-making.
  • We have earned a stellar reputation in serving global companies entering the US market and are able to make an immediate, positive impact so you may hit the ground running!

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