Multistate Tax Compliance Solutions

AAFCPAs helps clients manage multistate tax compliance, streamline processes, and scale for continued growth.

Multistate tax compliance

Can We Simplify State Tax Compliance for You?

We know expanding your nexus footprint across state lines—or from across the ocean—takes a partner who understands the complexities created by expansive state tax regulations. AAFCPAs combines tax expertise and state-of-the art technology to deliver multistate tax compliance so you may focus on growth.

AAFCPAs’ State Tax Compliance solutions include:

  • Multistate income tax return filings for corporations, partnerships, individuals and trusts
  • Sales & Use Tax registration, return filing and exemption certificate management
  • Advance payment calculations for sales tax and marijuana retail tax
  • Correspondence / Notice Management / Audits
  • Voluntary disclosures

We don’t just manage your tax compliance — we help you streamline processes, facilitate business growth and geographic reach, and reduce administrative burden & costs.

AAFCPAs helps clients mitigate exposure, manage effective tax rates, handle correspondence with tax jurisdictions, and prepare for that unavoidable and dreadful audit.

Other Areas of SALT Expertise

  • Tax Nexus, Apportionment Analysis
  • M&A Tax Due Diligence
  • Pass-through Entity Taxes
  • Economic Development Incentives
  • Tax Credits (Research Credits, Investment Tax Credits, Jobs Credits, etc.)
  • Business Registration/Licenses
  • Payroll tax issues related to remote employees/telecommuters
  • Property Taxes
  • Unclaimed Property