Tax Nexus Analysis

AAFCPAs’ State & Local Tax specialists help clients understand where they should be filing to comply with multistate tax exposure.

State & Local Taxation, Multistate Nexus & Apportionment Analysis

AAFCPAs’ SALT Specialists perform nexus analyses to determine if you have multistate tax exposure. We analyze:

  • Where are you shipping goods?
  • Where are you performing services?
  • Where are your employees located?
  • What has changed in your operations?
  • Do you own property in another jurisdiction?

We then review state rules in the appropriate jurisdictions to determine how you should apportion your profits as well as where you may have tax exposure and how to mitigate it in the most efficient way.

Other Areas of SALT Expertise

  • Multistate Tax Compliance
  • M&A Tax Due Diligence
  • Pass-through Entity Taxes
  • Economic Development Incentives
  • Tax Credits (Research Credits, Investment Tax Credits, Jobs Credits, etc.)
  • Business Registration/Licenses
  • Payroll tax issues related to remote employees/telecommuters
  • Property Taxes
  • Unclaimed Property