Emotional Intelligence Leadership in the Digital Age

During AAFCPAs’ Nonprofit Educational Seminar (April 2023), Jamelle Lindo, Emotional Intelligence Coach, presented a lively keynote introduction to emotional intelligence leadership in the digital age to 400+ CFO and Executive Director attendees. Jamelle is a charismatic coach, trainer, and speaker with more than a decade of experience in emotional intelligence learning and development. In his keynote, Jamelle defines emotional intelligence and industry 4.0, explores the connection between emotional intelligence and effective leadership, and demonstrates why emotional intelligence is becoming the single most valuable leadership skill today. Discover the essential skills needed to improve your emotional intelligence, ways to realize and restore your skills balance, strategies for enhancing self-awareness, and practices you can use to consistently strengthen proficiency over time. Afterward, Jamelle sat down for an engaging discussion with Carla McCall, CPA, CGMA, AAFCPAs’ Managing Partner and answered pressing questions from viewers.

“Emotional intelligence is the compass that guides us in the business world,” said Carla. “It helps us understand our team’s emotions, navigate conflicts, and make decisions that resonate with both our hearts and our heads. In the end, it’s not just about numbers; it’s about the people and the connections we build.”

The full session was recorded and may be viewed as a webcast at your convenience. >>

2023 Nonprofit Educational Seminar Series

AAFCPAs’ Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar helps nonprofit CEOs, executive directors, and finance executives stay abreast on the dynamic accounting, tax, and regulatory landscape. Each session is archived and may be viewed at any time at your convenience.

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