What is Robotic Process Automation, Anyway?

Accounting transformation is driven by people who envision what’s possible. If you understand the power of RPA, you can make a list a mile long of potential transformations in how we do our work.

In this webcast, recorded April 2023 at AAFCPAs’ Nonprofit Educational Seminar, Vassilis Kontoglis from AAFCPAs’ Business Process & IT Advisory Practice provides insight and real case examples on how RPA is transforming client operations!

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About the Author

Vassilis is a leader in AAFCPAs’ Business Process & IT Consulting Practice. He has 20+ years’ proven experience providing business intelligence, productivity, information risk management, and cybersecurity solutions. He is a critical resource in keeping clients and the firm on the forefront of transformative technologies while mitigating risks that come along with these advancements. Vassilis leads the delivery of Robotic Process Automation solutions at AAFCPAs. He understands the unique requirements to achieve RPA success, including proper design, planning, implementation, and governance. He works collaboratively with clients and cross-functional teams, and leverages his deep understanding of enterprise information systems, business logic, and structured inputs to automate rote processes and increase operational efficiency. Vassilis is also the leader of AAFCPAs’ automation center of excellence (CoE), an internal team that streamlines automation output, provides structure, and helps scale automation through the firm.