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On the Desk

This time of year, we have an opportunity to step back and understand how things are progressing with your financial plan. Between interest rates, inflation, market volatility, and year end on approach, there is plenty to consider and still time to make strategic adjustments.

It brings to mind one of my favorite things about my job: the satisfaction I get when we bring new ideas to the table. There are times when I’m able to make suggestions that really open our clients’ eyes. Even though they feel they have a grasp on financial planning or investments, they are still surprised by suggestions about opportunities for improvement. Bringing those kinds of solutions is what drives me!

Charitable donations, for example, are an important part of our clients’ lives. Every year, many give large amounts to causes they care about, and we love supporting that priority. We also know there are ways to give even more while reducing your tax burden; it’s all about knowing how the rules work in your favor.

Another tax-smart example comes into play when executives or business owners have capital tied up in one stock. They may believe the risks and the tax implications associated with their position are unavoidable. There are techniques we can use, though, to mitigate the risk without triggering taxes.

Off the Desk

Like many of my clients, family is my primary motivation in my day to day. Jeanne, the girls, and I went to Lake Winnipesaukee for a break this summer, and we enjoyed cruising on the pontoon and relaxing.

From the Desk of Jonathan Bloom

Now we’re back getting into the rhythm of elementary and pre-school. I enjoy seeing the girls grow, absorb, and learn so quickly. Kids and grown-ups alike never stop learning new things if they remain open.

I’m excited to talk with you about what we can learn together and opportunities we can pursue with your plan. Please reach out with any questions!

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Jonathan Bloom
Jonathan is an experienced and passionate Investment Advisor and Financial Planner with a commitment to independent client-centric advice. He has proven success earning trust advising high-net-worth individuals and retirement plan clients. He provides objective, customized solutions and a comprehensive approach to wealth management, which includes investment management, estate, tax, retirement, insurance, charitable giving, and cash flow planning.