Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling

There are numerous and diverse reasons for nonprofits to adopt data analytics and predictive modeling tools. The implications are enormous for nonprofits prepared to invest in making sense of the swathes of data they may collect every single day. For example, tools are allowing organizations to be more strategic about donor outreach. They are helping membership organizations more positively influence member engagement and utilization of benefits. Healthcare providers are better able to optimize reimbursements under new payment methodologies by assessing quality metrics. Educational institutions are embracing data analytics and predictive modelling to impact the way in which courses and institutions are marketed, curricula are structured, and students are monitored and supported. In this webcast, recorded April 2021 at AAFCPAs’ Nonprofit Educational Seminar, AAFCPAs’ Charlie Webb, CPA, CHFPVassilis Kontoglis, and R. Ben Davis explore several applications for data analytics and predictive modeling. By sharing success stories, we hope to provide inspiration and insight into how these tools can best be utilized to optimize your nonprofit performance!

About the Authors

Charlie specializes in providing assurance solutions to sophisticated nonprofit organizations, including: community health centers, home health agencies, nursing homes & senior care living organizations.  Charlie also has substantial experience providing assurance solutions to Massachusetts charter schools and has conducted trainings to charter school and community health center industry groups, including the Massachusetts Charter Public School Association and the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers.  Charlie excels in audits in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, Uniform Guidance/Single Audit and Government Auditing Standards.
Vassilis is a senior member of AAFCPAs' Business Process & IT Advisory practice with proven expertise in cyber security and IT risk assessments, data analytics and data visualization, and robotic process automation. He also has extensive expertise assessing IT general controls, and conducting System and Organization Control (SOC) attestations. He helps clients increase business process efficiency, effectiveness, and risk management.