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Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports

AAFCPAs is a best-value provider of SOC reports for service organizations that must provide assurance about their systems to users.

Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports

Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports

Service organizations like yours utilize information technology to deliver value in a variety of business functions, such as: payroll processing, general ledger / accounting, medical / third party billing, medical claims processing, donation and development, human resource information systems, financial services, investment management, and document management. The data collected on behalf of your customers often contains protected, personal or confidential customer information. A data breach could be costly to both you and your clients on many levels, resulting in reputational harm, loss of customers, loss of donors or loss of revenue.

Liability concerns and the growth in cloud computing have elevated the marketplace demand for assurance regarding effective controls over these outsourced service functions.   SOC Reports provide your clients with the information they need about your controls to help assess and address the risks associated with an outsourced service.

AAFCPAs is the premier provider of SOC reports for service organizations that must provide assurance about their systems to users.  AAF has a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience working with a variety of service organizations.  Our team members have a deep understanding of internal controls from a design, implementation and testing perspective.  We advise clients on how to transition to the enhanced COSO 2013 Framework, and better manage elevated expectations regarding internal control processes. We have a proven method for producing SOC reports that results in both a report that is clear and concise, and actionable feedback to help improve your internal control environment.

AAFCPAs has been a very valuable guide for The McNamara Group since 2011, when we first got our SSAE 16 audit and report. In addition to getting the report done, they carefully guided us along the way, helping us plan our side of the project.
Sandy Schwartz, Partner – The McNamara Group

“James Jumes of AAF has exceptional knowledge of IT systems, configurations, controls and practical knowledge of how IT software companies operate. As opposed to an academic perspective, James’ understanding comes from reality. This is difficult to find and very valuable to FuelPlus Software.”
Klaus-Peter Warnke, Owner, FuelPlus Software, Inc.

Our clients consider us an exceptional-value CPA and consulting firm! At AAF, we define value as that ideal combination of expertise, service, and price.

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