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AAFCPAs is a premier provider of System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports for organizations that must provide assurance about their systems to users.

SOC 2 is the most coveted security framework for growing companies. Obtaining a SOC 2 report demonstrates that your organization is serious about keeping your clients’ and partners’ data and systems safe.

Our experienced team is committed to delivering not just a report, but a seamless, efficient experience that leaves you with peace of mind and actionable insights. As a trusted issuer of SOC 2 reports, AAFCPAs helps you to demonstrate to your customers that you take security seriously.

  • Complete a SOC 2 Type 1 or SOC 2 Type 2 report.
  • Conduct multiple audits alongside your SOC 2 assessment, including SOC2 + HITRUST and SOC for Cybersecurity.

AAFCPAs is a true partner. They’re always there for us to help us grow and anticipate challenges or changes on the horizon. They’ve worked with us on all types of SOC reports [SOC 1 Type 1 and 2 plus SOC 2 Type 1 and 2] along with special attestations, process assessments, and SOC readiness. And they make audits clear and understandable. But more importantly, they give us context and guidance because they know us—perhaps even better than many of our own employees.”

Michael Marotta | Governance, Risk, and Compliance Officer, Public Consulting Group LLC (PCG)

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What is SOC 2 and Who Needs It?

SOC 2 is an essential certification for organizations handling customer data, particularly in the tech and cloud services sectors. It assesses a company’s systems against five trust service criteria—security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy—ensuring top-notch data protection and operational integrity. If your business manages customer information, achieving SOC 2 compliance is crucial for demonstrating a commitment to data security and building customer trust.

Companies across various sectors, including technology firms such as SaaS and cloud computing services, financial services, healthcare providers, e-commerce platforms, managed service providers (MSPs), telecommunications companies, as well as legal and consulting firms, stand to benefit from SOC 2 compliance.

AAFCPAs’ SOC report process delivers fast results, providing clients with actionable insights and growth and betterment plans. Our efficient team management ensures a timely report with the least amount of hassle.

Our unique approach to Service Organization Control (SOC) engagements embraces an Agile methodology, ensuring a fast-moving and highly responsive process. This approach uses staggered due dates, clearly assigned responsibilities, centralized communication, and real-time status updates to get our clients over the finish line as quickly and efficiently as possible. We guarantee not only the timeliness of our reports but also their accuracy and relevance, providing confident assurance in a rapidly evolving and demanding regulatory environment.

Our methodology for SOC report engagements is built around a transparent process, designed to facilitate easy evidence gathering without being obtrusive. This approach ensures that our clients can seamlessly integrate their SOC reporting requirements into their daily operations, minimizing disruption while maximizing efficiency. By maintaining communication and self-serve status updates at every step, we empower our clients with a clear understanding of the process, enabling them to contribute effectively and confidently towards the completion of their SOC report.

Our Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) plays a pivotal role in enhancing our clients’ cybersecurity posture, especially in the context of Service Organization Control (SOC) reporting. By proactively identifying and addressing system vulnerabilities, our CEH ensures that our clients’ security measures are both robust and compliant with the rigorous standards required for SOC reports.

Certified Ethical Hacker - Cybersecurity AAFCPAs

AAFCPAs’ SOC Report Leaders

James Jumes
James Jumes

James Jumes

MBA, M.Ed. | Partner, Business Process & IT Consulting
Robyn Leet
Robyn Leet

Robyn Leet

Partner, Business Process Assessments & Attestations
Andrew Mathieson
Andrew Mathieson

Andrew Mathieson

CISA, CDPSE, CCSFP, HITRUST, CISRCP, CCSK | Director, Business Process & IT Consulting
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