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Podcast: IT Security Update

Listen to Podcast Click here to listen to podcast or use the above media player. IT security requires continuous improvement, and organizations must stay vigilant, and learn & adapt over time. AAFCPAs’ IT security pros James Jumes provides an overview of threats of significant concern in 2017, and highlight critical security controls that assist in mitigating the most prevalent vulnerabilities that often result in many of today’s cybersecurity intrusions and... continue reading

CEOs, CFOs Targeted by Cyber Whaling Schemes

As a reminder, AAFCPAs warns of sophisticated cyber phishing attacks directed specifically at senior executives and other high level targets within businesses and organizations.  We have seen an uptick in the frequency of these types of attacks, called whaling schemes, where cyber criminals masquerade as a highly convincing business email which may appear to be sent from a legitimate business authority, or even from an internal colleague.  The content is tailored... continue reading