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AAFCPAs Urges Vigilance as Clients Respond to Uptick in Whaling Schemes, Cyber Threats

AAFCPAs would like to make clients aware that within the past two weeks, we have received two accounts from clients reporting their executives have been targeted by sophisticated whaling schemes requesting transfers of money.

AAFCPAs would like to take this moment to remind you again of the critical importance of taking measures to protect against malicious cyber-attacks. We encourage you to re-read and share now with your team members our recent post: CEOs, CFOs Targeted by Cyber Whaling Schemes

AAFCPAs advises clients to take a disciplined approach to cyber-security in order to better guard against, and minimize your organization’s risk of becoming a victim.  This disciplined approach includes regular security awareness training of employees, adequate internal control processes, and regularly updated & assessed technology controls.

For more information about cyber security and IT risk assessment, please contact your AAFCPAs Partner, or James Jumes, leader of AAFCPAs’ integrated business & IT advisory practice at: 774.512.4062 or

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