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Dow Plunges 800 Points, Fundamentals of US Economy Still Strong

As you may be aware, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 800 points yesterday, August 14th, marking the worst single day point drop of 2019. The media attributed the plunge to a slowing global economy, a trade war with China, and an inverted yield curve. The 10-year treasury rate for a time on August 14th dropped below that of the 2-year treasury rate. This inverted yield curve means that if... continue reading

Don’t Let the New Tax Act Affect Your Giving Goals

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that charitable giving had its largest decline since the 2008-2009 financial crisis, citing circumstances such as 2018 tax-law changes and a late-year stock-market dip as the reasons for the decline. At AAFCPAs Wealth Management, we know that taxes are not the reason you give; however, they may affect how much you give, the timing of your gifts, and the vehicle you use. We have... continue reading

Personal Financial Health Check

Listen to Podcasts:   As the flight attendants often say, “It’s critical that you put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others…” This is an important metaphor for all who lead the charge to realize impact on your missions—while maybe sacrificing the time it takes to achieve personal financial health! This fast-paced session led by AAFCPAs Wealth Management’s Wealth Advisor and Partner Carmen Grinkis provides tools so you may begin to... continue reading

AAFCPAs Wealth Management Reflects on the Q1 2019 Market Turnaround, and Provides Guidance on Achieving an All-Weather Portfolio

AAFCPAs Wealth Management Reflects on the Q1 2019 Market Turnaround, and Provides Guidance on Achieving an All-Weather Portfolio

In January, we wrote to you about 2018’s fourth quarter meltdown, and three months later the markets reversed course and shot higher. Two of the main issues that plagued the market in Q4 2018, tariffs and the Fed, have moved to the back burner. First, although there are mixed messages coming out of Washington and Beijing, there does seem to be some momentum towards resolution of the trade impasse. The... continue reading

AAFCPAs Promotes Four to Partner to Support Firm Growth

AAFCPAs Promotes Four to Partner to Support Firm Growth

Westborough, MA 1/8/2019 – AAFCPAs is excited to announce the promotion of four additional Partners to our growing team: Andrew Hammond, CFP®, Carmen Grinkis, PhD, CLTC, CFP®, Matthew McGinnis, CPA, and Davide Villani, CPA, CGMA are fully engrossed in the industries we serve, and work closely together to best serve our diverse client base with the distinction of excellence. Carmen Grinkis and Andy Hammond are both sharp, energetic leaders of AAFCPAs Wealth Management, serving individuals & families, retirement... continue reading

AAFCPAs Wealth Management Announces Transition of Leadership

AAFCPAs Wealth Management Announces Transition of Leadership

AAFCPAs Wealth Management is pleased to announce a transition in leadership, naming Carmen Grinkis, PhD, CLTC, CFP® and Andrew Hammond, CFP® as Co-Directors. Grinkis and Hammond are both Senior Wealth Advisors at AAFCPAs and have been poised to take over the leadership from Founder and Wealth Advisor Joel Aronson, CPA, MBA, PFS since joining the firm in 2016 and 2017 respectively. “I have the utmost respect for my colleagues Carmen... continue reading

AAFCPAs Wealth Management Presents Session on the Evolution of Risk Management within Financial Planning

AAFCPAs Wealth Management’s Carmen Grinkis, PhD, CLTC, CFP® will present an insightful session on the evolution of risk management within financial planning for the benefit of peer wealth advisors at the Pinnacle 2018 Winter Summit, March 6-8, 2018 in St. Augustine, FL. In this session, Carmen will reflect on the meaningful evolution of her career from practicing psychologist, to entrepreneur, insurance broker, and now wealth advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™... continue reading

AAFCPAs Wealth Management Shares Proactive Strategies for Investors in a Strong Market

AAFCPAs Wealth Management is constantly reviewing market conditions to be thoughtful, disciplined, and opportunistic to changes that occur over time.  Market volatility is not something you can control, but how you position yourself now will have a lasting impact. The US financial market is strong. Rejoice! The bull market continues for the past eight years since the great recession.  Good markets allow us to grow and squirrel away money before... continue reading

Personal Financial Planning Considerations for Executives

Listen to Podcast Click here to listen to podcast or use the above media player. Most investors are terrified of market volatility, and those retirees that experience it in the first few years of retirement could face retirement spending shortfalls.  This podcast will outline one strategy to manage the dangers of sequence of return risk through adjusting asset allocation in retirement. This podcast will cover: Insight on how the sequence... continue reading