AAFCPAs' 50th Anniversary Celebrations

AAFCPAs debuted in 1973 and has made a positive impact in many people’s lives ever since. True to the mission of our founders, AAFCPAs remains committed to improving the economic well-being and quality of life for all constituents. This includes our employees, clients, vendors, and the communities we serve.  The sincerity and authenticity with which we choose to do business has become our trademark.

Our 50th anniversary was the perfect time to reflect not only on all the ways the firm has grown over the years, but most importantly, on the impact we’ve had along the way. We enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate our wonderful and unique CPA and consulting firm.

Happy New Year! AAFCPAs kicked off 2023, our 50th anniversary year, with a video post on linkedin celebrating.

50th Anniversary Logo with 10% Back Bulb

50 Year’s of Impact (1973-2023) commemorative logo featuring our 10% back logo “bulb” symbolizing the the combination of great minds and great hearts.

AAFCPAs Pays Tribute to 50 Years of Impact with Video

At our 2023 Summer Outing, an employee-only event, we debuted our 50 Years of Impact Tribute Video.

Impact Report

AAFCPAs is pleased to introduce and share our third annual Impact Report, which outlines the firm’s 2022 actions and 2023 goals as we mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of AAFCPAs!

For the past five decades, our professionals have provided thoughtful advice and solutions to help our clients thrive. Whether it be a privately held company, nonprofit organization, or a high net worth individual, our solutions have evolved alongside our clients’ needs. Since our founding, we’ve had a special relationship with the nonprofit community, and their missions have become ours. This led to the formalization of our 10 Percent Back to Nonprofits program. This program defines the spirit of our people and the work that unites us. It is the essence of the AAFCPAs culture.

Our report reveals a powerful impact story as we look back at 2022 and celebrate 50 years of impact (1973-2023)

To mark our 50th anniversary, AAFCPAs gifted custom-branded beach chairs to its staff, as a token of appreciation. Featuring the company’s new 50th anniversary logo, these chairs represent both gratitude for the employees’ dedication and an invitation to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

AAFCPAs Builds Bicycles for Children in Eliot’s Emergency Residence Program

AAFCPAs organized a collective bike build event as the service component to our 2023 annual employee outing, at which we celebrated 50 Years of Impact. During this event, 12 teams worked in tandem to assemble 24 20-inch bicycles suitable for children aged 6 through 10. Bicycles were then fully inspected and presented to AAFCPAs’ client the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC), a division of Eliot Community Human Services.

We shared our story throughout the year on our social networks, including linkedin, our most active network.