AAFCPAs Builds Bicycles for Children in Eliot’s Emergency Residence Program

Bicycles are an outlet for physical fitness and stress relief, providing a sense of independence, control, and freedom. They’re also a path to friendships and social skills. But many families cannot afford this simple pleasure. And it’s often our most vulnerable who need a bike the most.

With this in mind, AAFCPAs organized a collective bike build event as the service component to our 2023 annual employee outing, at which we celebrated 50 Years of Impact. During this event, 12 teams worked in tandem to assemble 24 20-inch bicycles suitable for children aged 6 through 10. Bicycles were then fully inspected and presented to AAFCPAs’ client the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC), a division of Eliot Community Human Services.

Director of Development Melanie S. Lima accepted the bikes on behalf of MSPCC. Melanie shared with our team that the bikes would be distributed to children in the organization’s Emergency Residence Programs who have been removed from their homes for the time being due to abuse or neglect. “These children have likely never owned a bike of their own, and these gifts will mean the world to them.”

We are inspired by Eliot and their selfless commitment to serving the most vulnerable of populations–those at risk with limited or no resources for help.

Giving back is not simply a financial commitment we make at AAFCPAs through our 10% Back to Nonprofits Program. It’s also a gift of our time. Generosity and goodwill define the spirit of our people and the essence of our core culture.

Thanks to the enthusiasm, commitment, and talent of AAFCPAs employees, 24 children who are healing and adjusting to changes in their lives received their very own bicycle including an age-appropriate safety helmet, notes of encouragement, and a bike lock to use as they cruise into a brighter future.

Watch highlights of our bike build event at your convenience

We are tremendously grateful to the idea generators, the event coordinators, and the bike builders who made this opportunity possible.


AAFCPAs takes great pride in our exceptional team, and we are honored to celebrate the talent, dedication, and potential of these individuals. They have both great minds and great hearts.

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