Process Assessment/System Selection Webinar: Watch Now

In some cases, business processes may be improved through optimization of existing technology and enhanced user training. In other cases, organizations may have simply outgrown their processes and/or systems. In this webinar, recorded on January 24th, leaders in AAFCPAs’ Business Process & IT Consulting practice provide insight for CFOs contemplating a change in their operations with new processes or technology.

Common signs indicating you need a new ERP or Accounting system:

  • You could not transition seamlessly to a remote-work environment.
  • Your processes are highly manual, and Excel is the backbone.
  • Your team struggles to complete reports.
  • You have many disparate information sources, and no or minimal integration.
  • Your existing system is not capable of supporting process design changes.
  • You need features beyond what your current system is providing.
  • The system you are using is no longer supported by the vendor.
  • You cannot get the data you need when you need it in order to make timely actionable decisions.

Webinar Objectives

  1. Understand how to assess your processes and systems to determine if a new system is required.
  2. Understand how to approach a system selection to ensure you identify the right system that meets all your requirements, including budget.
  3. Learn about differentiators and trends in some of the most sought-after systems (for users with various budgets).
  4. Hear client examples, including specific details on their investment in time, energy and financial resources.

This webinar is ideal for those trying to answer the questions: What do I need most? How can I make sure I utilize our technology to its fullest potential?

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Robyn Leet, Partner, Business Process Assessments & Attestations, Dawn M. Pantano, CPA, CITP, Manager, Business Process & IT Consulting, and Stuart Karas, Associate, Business Process & IT Consulting

(L-R) Robyn Leet, Partner, Business Process Assessments & Attestations, Dawn M. Pantano, CPA, CITP, Manager, Business Process & IT Consulting, and Stuart Karas, Associate, Business Process & IT Consulting

About the Authors

Robyn Leet
Robyn brings over 20 years of continuous business process improvement and internal controls experience to AAFCPAs’ diverse clients. From her beginnings as an auditor in public accounting, she learned the fundamentals of business requirements and frameworks. This knowledge was applied to further her impact in her roles as Controller in private, closely-held businesses. These opportunities have bolstered her broad exposure to businesses in multiple stages of growth and with varying levels of needs to validate her insight into the inner workings and requirements of business operations and functions, always looking at the big picture and keeping the client in scope.
Dawn Pantano
Dawn is ideally suited to help AAFCPAs clients develop, implement and maintain IT systems and processes that improve business performance, drive revenue, control costs, and reduce risk.  Dawn specializes in delivering proven technology and business advisory solutions that streamline business processes, and enhance collaboration and information sharing across all functional areas of an organization. She provides strategic guidance on the selection and deployment of key business applications and technologies to meet corporate objectives, and drive productivity. She skillfully and pragmatically answers the question “What do I need most,” so clients may optimize their ROI on technology investments.
Stuart is a member of AAFCPAs’ Business Process & IT Consulting Practice, responsible for providing business intelligence & productivity, and special IT attestation solutions. Stuart is responsible for planning and executing special attestations on standards and statutes, including System and Organization Controls (SOC) report attestations and evaluations, and attestations which comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Section 404 compliance. He also assists AAFCPAs’ IT Security Specialists and Certified Ethical Hacker in the performance of IT General Controls (ITGCs) assessments, which result in suggestions for system security, data privacy, or system integrations that enhance efficiency.