Did Your Accounting Department Thrive While Remote?

Many finance departments were put to the test when forced to transition to a remote workforce in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Those that had already moved processes and systems to the cloud were able to adapt quickly. Those that outsourced their finance function to AAFCPAs’ Managed Accounting Solutions (MAS) group did not skip a beat.

“We have continued to work seamlessly with clients throughout COVID,” said Scott Posnick, CMA, Consulting CFO, AAFCPAs’ Managed Accounting Solutions (MAS). “AAFCPAs proactively equipped our teams with not just physical resources, but skills, mindsets, behaviors, and values to remain agile. The events as they unfolded quickly affirmed clients’ decisions to outsource.”

Businesses Who Outsource to AAFCPAs’ Managed Accounting Solutions (MAS) Benefit From:

  • The ability to continue to access tools from anywhere via remote-access, cloud-based technology.
  • Efficient and effective processes designed around the cloud technology that allow clients to achieve adequate internal control to mitigate risks.
  • The ability to achieve scalability, and dial-up or down outsourced services as needed. Clients are always encouraged to customize the scope of our services to meet their current needs and budget.
  • Access to the right people, with the right skill sets and expertise, for the right amount of time. Clients are able to purchase a fraction of each level as needed—staff accountant, senior accountant, controller, and CFO. They avoided over- or under-hiring and gained efficiencies & effectiveness. This includes industry specialists available for guidance on accounting, tax, and assurance nuances specific to your business.
  • On-demand access to specialized skill sets as business projects demanded. Over the past several months, this included requests for best-case/worse-case scenario planning, re-budgeting & forecasting, data analysis to identify opportunities for cost optimization, implementation of digital technologies/process automation, and other core business operational competencies. AAFCPAs puts forth the right person for the project; our bench is deep.
  • The ability to alleviate the burden that comes with staff turnover, talent sourcing, onboarding, training, and other administration-related distractions and better utilize their time to focus on mission-critical activities.
  • Access to the full breadth of expertise available from 240+ multi-disciplinary professionals and a vast national & global network of advisors, peers, and business resources.

Right-Size Your Finance Function

The finance function includes the interconnected components: people, process, and technology. These components are a three-legged stool, that when optimized in an interconnected ongoing effort, can effectively address evolving organizational needs. Outsourcing with AAFCPAs’ Managed Accounting Solutions (MAS) ensures clients have the right people, process, and technology—at the right time! We have a full understanding of each one independently. However, the most powerful impact comes when we apply our knowledge of best practices of how the three interrelate to address your situation.

AAFCPAs has been helping sophisticated, privately held commercial companies succeed since our founding in 1973. We specialize in providing high-quality, cost-effective cloud-based accounting solutions and CFO oversight, designed to optimize the modern finance function, and efficiently address your most critical financial processes. This allows you to shift time, money, and other resources to focus on your core competencies, strategic business activities, and vision, instead of focusing on administrative functions.

To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your accounting & finance function, please contact Janice O’Reilly, CPA, CGMA, 774.512.9046, joreilly@nullaafcpa.com; or your AAFCPAs Partner.

About the Author

Janice O'Reilly CPA
Janice is a Partner in the Consulting Division of AAFCPAs and advisor and former leader of the Managed Accounting Solutions (MAS) practice, which provides “right-size” outsourced accounting solutions, from cloud-based bookkeeping to CFO deliverables, designed to optimize the effectiveness of the modern finance function.  Public, privately-held, and nonprofit organizations value the pragmatic assessment, infrastructure set-up, and flawless execution of their accounting & finance deliverables—all completed with the resources and technical expertise of AAFCPAs’ full-service CPA and consulting firm.