FASB Delays Effective Dates for Four Major Accounting Standards

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Jeffrey Mead

Jeffrey Mead, CPA, CGMA

Jeffrey is a Partner in the Commercial Assurance Division at AAFCPAs, where he provides technical accounting advisory solutions and concurring partner reviews. This includes guidance on standards implementation and interpretation. He is a leader of the firm’s Accounting and Assurance (A&A) Committee, Revenue Recognition and Lease Accounting Task Forces, as well as AAFCPAs’ Risk Committee. Jeffrey brings empathy, patience, respect, and the will to inspire into his work as coach and mentor for the company’s pioneering …
Olga Yasinnik

Olga Yasinnik, CPA, MBA

Olga is a distinguished leader within AAFCPAs’ Community Impact Human Services and Community Development practices, renowned for her deep expertise in Uniform Guidance and state-specific compliance and filing requirements. Olga contributes significantly to the firm’s Nonprofit Accounting & Auditing Committee, she helps ensure AAFCPAs' practices comply with the latest accounting regulations, advising clients on the impactful changes to their financial reporting and operations. Olga helps develop specialized consulting services that empower nonprofit organizations to thrive, most …