AAFCPAs Healthcare eBook: Strategic Guidance for Healthcare Executives

Running a healthcare operation was complex even before recent activity shook the industry into a near-constant state of flux. Whether considering the shifting relationship between payers and providers, increased cyber-security threats, outcomes-based models, or any of the seemingly countless concerns, the need for organizations to stay one step ahead of change has never been so great.
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At AAFCPAs, we take that goal to heart. Our work in the healthcare space requires us to be vigilant about risks faced by Community Health Centers, behavioral health providers, in-home and senior care facilities, and private medical practices. We frequently delve into subject matter that helps our clients direct their operations, remain compliant, and manage profitability.
In this e-guide, we share our expertise through articles including:

  • AAFCPAs Advises Healthcare Providers to Position Themselves for Change
  • Identifying Strategic Partnership Options for Provider Organizations’ Reimbursement Complexities
  • Best Practices for Complying with HIPAA & Safeguarding Patient PHI Accessible to your Business Associates
  • Denials Management: Best Practices in Improving Revenue Cycle Processes and Monitoring Third-Party Denials
  • Best Practices for Maintaining Your Charge Description Master to Maximize Revenue
  • Revenue Recognition Guidance for Healthcare Organizations

Our guidance is founded on four decades of experience providing healthcare clients with incisive financial knowledge and strategic management advice. As the industry evolves, we embrace the opportunity to continue to collaborate with our clients to help drive financial and operational improvements to make you thrive!
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