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The Question that changed my formula for success…

My life is pretty diverse, and I love the challenges it brings. Being co-managing partner of a nearly 200-person CPA firm is just part of it: I’m passionate about paving the way for young women in the industry, and always keep my family as top priority as well.
Figuring out the formula to get to this stage was not a straight line, though. I benefited from a great mentoring moment, and I’ve made it a point to pass that on to professionals looking for inspiration.
Early in my career, the path to partner was the only thing in my sights. I loved my job and my firm. I put in the hours. I thought rising to leadership required keeping that laser focus on executing the work.
Then my mentor asked me The Question: what was I doing in the community that I was passionate about?
That stopped me in my tracks. My mentor was always supportive. He was a long time leader at the firm and enjoyed watching my career take shape. But he never pushed me in one direction or another – which is why The Question got me thinking.
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About the Author

Carla McCall
Carla is co-managing partner of AAFCPAs, a 220+ person CPA and consulting firm with offices in Boston, Westborough, and Wellesley, MA. She specializes in providing assurance, tax, and business consulting solutions for sophisticated nonprofit organizations, including: multi-service human & social services providers, behavioral health providers, arts & cultural organizations, foundations and grant making institutions. Carla’s dynamic executive leadership, bold practicality, and enthusiasm to embrace change is setting the standard for mission driven, growth organizations. She leads and drives AAFCPAs’ strategic vision for the future, while ensuring day-to-day operations are keeping up with today’s urgent demands.