Cyber Security: Keep Your Online Accounts Safe

Cyber fraud continues to escalate and evolve, and security requires vigilance. We would like to remind you that your entire organization must learn and adapt over time. AAFCPAs Wealth Management, an affiliate of AAFCPAs, has provided a summary of some of the threats of significant concern in 2017 used to steal identity and login credentials. After gaining access to an investor’s personal information, criminals can use it to commit various types of fraudulent activity.  We have also provided an Investor Protection Checklist, in an effort to help you and your family better protect your wealth.
AAFCPAs encourages clients to embrace these measures to help protect their identity and mitigate potential security risks. Please carefully review this Security Checklist with all members of your household.  We also encourage you to:

  • Notify your Wealth Advisor if you change your current address so they may update your records.
  • Notify your Wealth Advisor if you suspect that your email account has been compromised.

High-net-worth individuals are especially attractive targets for cyberattacks, and ensuring the security of client information is a top priority for AAFCPAs Wealth Management. We continuously review security procedures to ensure that we are following best practices recommended by the custodians, financial institutions, and the IT security experts with whom we work.
We encourage you to remain vigilant!

About AAFCPAs Wealth Management

AAFCPAs Wealth Management is a boutique “fee-based” Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm serving individuals & families, retirement plan sponsors, and nonprofits & foundations. As an affiliate of AAFCPAs (Westborough, Boston, Wellesley, MA), AAFCPAs Wealth Management is able to leverage shared knowledge, providing insight into long-range planning, with full consideration for tax implications. AAFCPAs Wealth Management’s solutions are designed for those who appreciate honesty, tax expertise, and personal attention.
Members of the AAFCPAs Wealth Management team are also CPAs, and deep tax expertise is applied to all financial plans and investment management. We provide personal attention and guide our clients toward achieving their goals through informed, objective decisions. Our focus is to educate and enlighten so that you are fully empowered to make the best decisions. Although the decisions are yours to make, we are there for you every step of the way, providing you with perspective and clarity to help you set and achieve your financial planning goals.

About the Author

Joel Aronson, CPA, PFS
At the end of 2019, Joel Aronson retired from AAFCPAs after a distinguished 45-year career as Partner, Wealth Advisor, & Founder of AAFCPAs Wealth Management. Joel is nationally recognized for the impact of his work with nonprofit organizations. Throughout his career, Joel inspired many nonprofits to act and operate like for-profits. “I wish the term ‘nonprofit’ never came into existence,” said Joel. “I prefer the term ‘tax-exempt organization’ and believe it would influence the mind-set of management teams to expect and insist on driving profitable programs.” Joel co-developed and taught highly acclaimed courses in budget and financial management systems and participated in industry-wide forums as a highly-coveted trainer, lecturer and advisor. He will continue to contribute his financial management expertise as a Board member and advisor for organizations whose missions inspire him.