Five Internal Control Modifications Needed in Response to the ‘New Normal’

Some organizations’ internal control frameworks and operational processes did not skip a beat when faced with the disruptions caused by COVID-19. Especially those who had already implemented cloud-based systems and remote-enabled processes. Others were forced to “change the tire while driving.” During this pandemic, organizations have been challenged by processes executed with fewer people and […]

How to Move Critical Business Processes to the Cloud

How effectively does your organization support remote work?  The current Coronavirus pandemic is testing many businesses’ ability to remain productive and effective while remote. Beyond the social impact, many are experiencing difficulty, slowness, or inability to execute critical business processes in this time of social distancing. What can you do? AAFCPAs advises clients to take […]

Coronavirus: Business Impacts and Planning

The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is impacting our lives and businesses in a way that none of us have experienced before. The global economy is certainly impacted, and businesses and individuals are reacting to an uncharted situation that continues to evolve rapidly. Certainly, health and safety are our primary concerns. Business leaders have been forced to […]