Phases in Selecting & Implementing a New Finance or ERP System

Selecting and implementing a new Finance or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be a daunting prospect, especially for organizations and users accustomed to antiquated business processes customized to fit their current systems’ limited functionality. Even if it is something that will help your team succeed in the long run and end up saving them […]

Budgeting Add-Ons Create Efficiency and Ease

Today’s more robust Accounting and ERP Systems typically have budgeting functionality built into the platform.  For many complex organizations, however, they may still not quite meet your current budgeting and reporting requirements. How do you know you need a budgeting add-on? While most systems will allow for the import of a completed budget and allow […]

Keys to a Successful Accounting Software Implementation

Implementing a new accounting software application requires significant investments in time, energy, and financial resources. A proper implementation plan is key to maximizing the long-term value of your new system. AAFCPAs Provides the Following Best Practice Recommendations to Ensure Clients Get the Most Out of Their New System: Change is Hard AAFCPAs advises clients to […]